Having a problem to link a Contact page of my website to my word press email address? I guess I need to change DNS data, but not sure how ? Thank you

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MayaT Premium
Thank you Christopher,
I thought the same, but it's been a week dealing with this issue, and for some reason still doesn't send the test email. It seems that my test-contact us emails are staying stucked somewhere.
This is the error that shows-

Click here to view the full Error Log for debugging

WordPress: 5.4.1
WordPress MS: No
PHP: 7.2.10
WP Mail SMTP: 2.0.1

Mailer: sendgrid
Constants: No
Api Key: Yes

Mailer: SendGrid The from address does not match a verified Sender Identity. Mail cannot be sent until this error is resolved. Visit https://sendgrid.com/docs/for-developers/sending-email/sender-identity/ to see the Sender Identity requirements - from;
ChrystopherJ Premium
Ahh ok, you’re using SendGrid to send your emails?

Might be a daft question, but have you configured SendGrid?

If your domain name is hosted at WA, you will also need to configure the SPF Record.

Your best bet here, if you haven’t already, is to contact SiteSupport and send them the configuration that SendGrid have provided you with.
ChrystopherJ Premium
Contact Forms usually just send an email to an email address, so you can just enter the email address you have set up for your domain name.

Or are you trying to send emails, like an auto reply, back to your visitors from your email address?

You shouldn’t need to change any DNS settings for a contact form to work.
MayaT Premium
Thank you Chris,

I was able to manage the test email from my dashboard page, but unfortunately still not receiving emails from my website contact page. Any suggestions about that?

Thanks a lot
ChrystopherJ Premium
I would need to login and investigate the logs, so your best bet is to ask SiteSupport, as they are able to log in for you.
MayaT Premium
Thank you for all the advice. It was helpful, seems it's working now
ChrystopherJ Premium
Glad you got it sorted and thank you for updating me :-)