A quick question about the results from PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix; what is the diference bwetween these two tools of measuring your websites performance?

My PageSpeed Insights overal score is 100/80 (Desktop/Mobile), while GTMetrix gives a score of B 89%(PageSpeed Score) and C 78% (YSlow Score).

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FrankB-1 Premium
Hi Roy,
They have the same name but their speed check algorithms are a little different. Google uses Lighthouse metrics for their PageSpeed, and that’s what they are looking at to rank your site. YSlow, I believe, is a Yelp metric. I like to use them both, the curse of being an engineer, I suppose. If you sign up for a free GTmetrix account then you can compare all the data. Many of the reviews I read online have GTmetrix screenshots, so it is generally well-regarded, but use the numbers generated by Google as your benchmark.
roysin Premium
Thanks Frank. It clarifies things a little bit. Have I understood correctly that the PageSPeed score on GTMetrix is a bit different than the PageSpeed score on the WA platform with regards to the type of metrics used?
FrankB-1 Premium
I don’t know exactly how they are different but I never get the exact same numbers when I compare the two. It may also have to do with the way they are receiving data. The thing about using GTmetrix is that it sometimes gives you different information about how to fix your site, so I use that along with the info in Google PageSpeed opportunities and diagnostics. This has helped me fix things when Site Support and the wonderful folks here in the WA community are not able to help me. I have broken my site a zillion times in the process, so thank God for backups. 😁
If nothing else, it’s a good learning experience. However, I think that if Google is happy with your numbers on THEIR PageSpeed portal then that’s all that really matters from a ranking point of view.