Should I use CSS code or the elementor plug-in to change the design of a website? Or could I use a combination of both? I already know to test CSS code on a sandbox website, so you don't have to explain the complications that come with it.

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feigner Premium
if you are going the css route why not try out the hello theme from elementor as a very lightweight theme for you to customize.
personally i would recommend elementor for ease - but you are reliant on others coding and calls - how much do you trust them?
i i knew coding then i might e tempted with the css route if there was time.
maybe put it on a plain theme to start - prove the niche and then build it out
good luck
thelungdoc Premium
You can use CSS code on an Elementor site. It is a little bit more difficult because the IDs and classes are set by the Elementor theme rather than by you.

Knowing how to use the Chrome developer tools can help you find the classes and figure out how to target the specific elements you want to change with your CSS.

If you know how to use HTML, PHP, CSS and maybe Bootstrap 4 you can code your own site. It will take longer but you can get a site that looks exactly the way you want.

I am a theme developer and do that for fun. If you don't know how to code a theme you can take classes for cheap on Udemy.

Hope this helps.

Jay-M Premium
Thanks. I'll take a look at Udemy if I have the time.