I really like the theme I have, but when I put a link in, it is the same color as my text. is there a way to change the color that the link is so people know that it is a link? I keep having to make call to action links because the subtle ones aren't obvious to see

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Isaiah14 Premium
If you need to change the color of the hyperlink, you can do so through the word press editor by highlighting the link with your mouse, then in the using your menu, select the "text color" option to change the color. That's a quick fix for a single hyperlink.

To change the color on all of your hyperlinks in css, I've found it easier to change the css through the widgets rather than the overall css for the theme. You can go your Site Manager and select Appearances->Customize->General Settings. At the bottom you should see a section called "Custom CSS" which allows you to tweak the colors and styles for your hyperlinks in a safe way.
Jukkah Premium
You can edit all the colors in the theme editor that's found at your Wordpress back office under appearance -> theme editor and I think it's under style.css. Word of warning, you need to know a bit what you are doing and there's always a possibility that a theme update will override your changes.

I would personally just choose a theme that allows to change colors or use a third party editor like Thrive architect.
Kaaraboddeee Premium
Often times you can't do much with the editing of the fonts unless you upgrade to the PRO version of your theme. If you are able to be should show here: Appearance > Customize > Typography.