Need to reverse changes in the theme php file of

I had a problem with my blog moving so that I could not click on them. I was given these instructions but put the code in the wrong place: - (now the site is unavailable)

add the following css in the custom css option


Put the CSS in the custom CSS box in the theme settings panel

You have to revert the changes done in the theme php file

Can you help please as I cannot access the ftp and anyway I am not familiar with ftp


Hilary Bassakaropoulos

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MarionBlack Premium
Ask support to delete the theme. Then when you can access your site again you can reinstall your preferred theme as if you've never used it before. Don't make changes without using a child theme.
hilarybassak Premium Plus
Thanks Marion. Support have got my website back for me. Think I need to learn about CSS because my lack of knowledge on that subject was the cause of the problem in the first place.
ElwinDutton Premium
You can change your theme. Then reinstall the theme you are using. You should also be doing any changes to your theme in a child theme.That way you won't lose any custom changes you make.