I would like to understand the meaning behind some of the >ticked< settings in my Global Robots Meta Default settings.

>No Follow Paginated
>No Index RSS Feeds
>No Index Paginated

Please keep your explanation short and simple haha because I'm really new at this;)

Thank You!
X- Iris G.

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feigner Premium
if you write a very long article then you can split it over several pages...pagination...
what you don't want google to do is to index or follow these extra pages...
you may have been on sites that use the left arrow to show another page ( pagination) with the same title
10 ways to cook a rabbit and each way is on a seperate page

your rss feed is a summary of updates on your site and you may or may not want google to index this...
more often to get users to use the rss feed you add an icon for them to click on site to keep updated in their feeds...
a bit like adding another google alert for a single site....you get notified when there are updates...
Iris93 Premium
I don't completely understand what you tried to explain, but maybe along the way I'll start to understand haha