I installed the WP-Chapters plugin and it's allowing me (admin) to create 'books', but as a front-end user, no one else has access to this plugin...i.e no other user can create easy links to their posts to organise them into chapter-by-chapter book format. Can you please advise me on what I can do so all registered members on my site can access this.

And I installed buddyblog for showing all the authors' posts and it's working...but it shows the entire post underneath. Is there a way that it can only show the links/titles of the posts they have written and they have to click on the link/title to se the whole post?

Thanks heaps!


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ArpL Premium
I would contact the support for WP-Chapters and Buddyblog directly, that would be the most direct route to getting help for something so specific.

Also, beware that Buddypress is a resource hog that slows sites down and (imho) is unintuitive as a social network.
tsaief Premium
Thanks for the advice!
Do you have any suggestions on plugins for social network apart from Buddypress?
ArpL Premium
You could try http://www.wpsymposium.com/ but I have no experience with it. I would look for reviews and then test it out.