I'm currently selecting a new theme. One that I like uses 250 pixel by 270 pixel thumbnail images for a post featured image. First I would need to load the Plugin Regenerate Thumbnail to set all current images on my site.

Three questions pertaining to the images:

  1. Will I be able to use this image 'as is' for social media?
  2. Can additional images be added throughout each post?
  3. Would those images also be thumbnails?

This theme has the option of a gallery page, which is not on option that I would use. I would prefer to continue to add images throughout the post.

This theme, Customizr, does have a slider, but it is an option, which I am not choosing to use, although it would contain larger images (1170px x500px).

Thank you for your help!! Suz

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jvranjes Premium
I do not understand your questions. You do not need plugin to set images as thumbnails. 2-yes, 3-it depends on what you choose. You can have images of any size mixed in a post.
SuzQ Premium
Jovo, Thanks for the help. The plugin was only for the images already in posts at the time of changing to a new theme. They had been larger.
mijareze Premium
If you are refering to a post, you can add as many images as you'd like...