Hello affiliates,

It just the above questions come up to my mind.
the question in another words, can we build web app using WordPress?How?

All the best

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Dale123 Premium Plus
A WordPress "app" is known as a plugin. Yes, you can use WordPress plugins with WA (including ones you create yourself).

But if you do not know that a WordPress "app" is named a plugin or how you can start building one, I would advise that you do not go down the route of creating your own plugin. You could cause big security problems for yourself & run a high risk of breaking your site.
SafiaR Premium
Not exactly. I read a lot to answer my question.
Thanks for your input.
SafiaR Premium
as I understand that building apps using WordPress, we need plugins more than themes, Am I right?
AbieAJ Premium Plus
I'd go through the resource and found out exactly what am I looking for, keep in mind security stacks is an important part of an app, you may want to utilize a developer to check processes are in place and that's dependent what you are going to use the apps for.

Hope you get it resolved sooner.

Would be nice to hear how you are getting along. Much obliged and best wishes.