Ever since I have been using premium I've noticed that when I put up pictures on Content Pages, it doesn't always how up on Dashboard. Also, I want to put pictures on early pages, but I can't find them on Content. What do I do?

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abdzouga Premium
After making new changes on your previous post content, don't forget to click the update button so that the changes can be showed up on your website.
EdwinBernard Premium
Once you publish your content, you cannot use the Wealthy Affiliate Site Content feature to edit your post. You can do edits using the WordPress dashboard.

On the left margin you will see a Media tab. Click that and all the media you used or uploaded from your WA Site Content will be available here. You can also upload new media from this tab. When you do, it will be available to add to your content.

Note that any new picture uploaded to your WA Site Content area will not appear here. That is probably the reason why you couldn't see the pictures.

Is this of any help? Please let me know.


DivineGood Premium
Thank you, Edwin.

That's a big help.


Tonchik007 Premium
Hi Edwin
I really appreciate your help. Can I ask a couple more questions? If I've made changes on Content which don't appear on Dashboard, can I copy and paste pictures and text? Also, do you know if there is a run-around feature, which allows text to go round pictures?
Many thanks again.