Walmart affiliate closed my account before because I didnt make any sales.

Can I reapply again?

Has anyone tried that?

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Hope you're able to be reapply, Fiona!
lesabre Premium
Hi Fiona, I know I got booted out of amazon for lack of sales within a 180 day period. I just waited for my traffic to build up and re-applied and was successful.

With all the isolation going on, and stores shutting down I am pretty sure Walmart will want you on their side, to sell their products online.

Best wishes,
YumaBloggers Premium
It depends on the network, you may need a new account to re-apply or they may have a 3-6 month freeze before you can like CJ Affiliates
kuructy Premium
what did you mean 3-6 month freeze?
kuructy Premium
when i applied with a new account, it stated that I had already got an account of my website.
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Fiona ... good question and all questions are good ones here!

Suggest you might want to try to obtain constructive feedback from them if at all possible.....

Most affiliates like to see a viable, engaged website with lots of traffic/visitors, comments/engagement, quality posts ...

Of course, you can always apply again and of course, it would be helpful to your case if you've made gains / improvements on your website ...

All the best to you for every Success, cheerio ... :)