I have another business I started this year and this platform is teaching me well so far. I’m only up to level 6 of the training so far. I’m guessing this training will help with my other business.. I probably didn’t set it up right in the first place 🤔 it doesn’t appear to get any traffic. Perhaps this will become clearer once I finish the training? It’s called maidinmarbella.com if anybody would like to comment please x

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ChrystopherJ Premium
I've just had a quick look at your website. As it is built using Wix, it is not on WordPress, so you are unable to migrate the hosting to WA.

However, you could create a blog for that website, either by using their blogging platform, or creating a subdomain such as blog.maidinmarbella.com and pointing that to WA, so that you can use WordPress.

You can then apply your training and knowledge from WA, to help you write content that will bring in traffic for you, using the low hanging fruit keyword principles.

Hope that makes sense and helps,
LChainey1 Premium
Thankyou for your reply. I am sure it will become clearer when I complete the training