Is it possible to change a siterubix domain to one I own and if so, how do I accomplish that?

If not, do I copy content and build a new site and delete the previous one?

Lastly, I believe a followed Kyle's instructions on how to transfer the DSN over to WA so I may host the site and use the available tools to create, and update my site. How do I know if I transferred the DSN correctly?



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MarineMom Premium
Yes, that it the goal. Good luck!
RudyStebih Premium
Yes you can. One you have registered your domain name there is a button in site manager underneath each siterubix domain you have called 'Move'. That will take care of everything you need to do to move your siterubix site to your own domain name.
Shawn-1 Premium
Rudy my man you rock. I must've been working without my glasses to have missed that button. I'm golden now and up. a working progress, but it's running. Thanks brother.
dinalyn Premium
Thanks, I'm now done pulling out my hair. Could not find this info anywhere.
ECamacho Premium
Thank you Rudy this information was very helpful! Have a great day!