As I got domain renewal notice from GoDaddy, few questions came to my mind, which might be interesting for other WA members.

1. I notice that renewal ($ 17.99) is almost a double the price I paid for initial purchase of this domain ($ 9.99). Which is OK, because there is always special for purchasing new domain.

Question 1: Is renewal price fixed, or it can be changed by registrar in any dementions? If renewal price is changeable, what are the criteria for those changes?

2. I know that NameCheep offers WhoIsGuard for free, as opposed to GoDaddy. So, for multiple domain purchase it make sense to go with NameCheep. I have started with GoDaddy, so

Question 2: Is it possible to switch a registrar (not a hosting company) for a live domain name? If yes, is it worth doing it, and how painful it is?

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adaba063 Premium
the simple answer is YES you can change registrars.

There is a process involved, so make sure that you follow the steps (I have only read through the instructions but have not actually moved registrars)

How painful, don't know, but it may be good to inquire with both GoDaddy and NameCheap about the process on both ends so that you have a clear idea BEFORE you get started

all the best,
Yaro Premium
Thanks for your prompt respond, Adaba063. Seems like it's not worth doing it. Just hope next year the price for renewal will not get doubled again :-).
adaba063 Premium
glad to help, you probably had a special offer when you bought the domain a year ago

all the best!