Do I have to add each post I add to my website to the bing webmaster and google webmaster? or it is already connected.

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Triblu Premium
Hey Debra,

Once you have verified your website with both Bing and Google, you may be amazed with how quickly your site receives a much higher ranking: Adding a sitemap to your site, and then submitting your sitemap to both Bing and Google will also serve you well. Hope you find this helpful.
Dhind1 Premium Plus
What Phil said, you don't have to. In theory, this will index them faster - which is certainly useful (especially when we are getting a new site up and rolling). In practice, it will happen automatically, so if you do not get around to it right away, it is not critical.

Often I will publish several posts before I remember to submit them to GSC, sometimes they are already there, and sometimes they are not.

jghwebbrand Premium
Yes, you can submit each post and page to webmaster tools along with a site map. And if you don't the search engines will eventually find it and index it.
muslimah Premium
I agree with others; submit your URL after publishing to aid it in getting indexed.
phil1944 Premium
Both Googlebot and Bingbot will crawl your site and add your new post automatically, but you have no control over when this might happen. Submitting to GSC and Bing Webmaster Tools gets is done faster. So the answer is you don't have to but it's useful.