I've read several things here about adding a contact page. Some got a plugin and some did it another way that I couldn't understand.

What is the best way to set up a contact tab.

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Caruana Premium
Hi, good question. Havent done this yet so will be interested in more replies from the experts here. Thanks.
TDenise Premium
It depends. If you're looking to have people fill out a form that will send the contact information and message to you, then you can use Contact Form 7 if you want a free option. There are other plugins you can use that are paid, but unless you have integration issues, I'd stay with the free version. It works.

If you're looking to collect email addresses for your email list, that's a different type of contact form. That will collect everyone's email addresses onto a list and make it easy for you to email everyone simultaneously, send out automated sequences, and more.

There are lots of email marketing services to choose from. Those will have a contact form you can embed in your website widget area or inside of your posts to capture emails. Building an email list isn't effective until after some momentum is built with the traffic.

Hope this helps.
jimdurfee Premium
All of these options explain why there were so many different answers in the help section.

Thanks for clarifying this.

I will start looking for the contact form 7.

TDenise Premium
Sounds good. When you're ready to get started with email marketing, there's a great series that was done here by the Live Training coach.

You can type in "email marketing" and you'll see several lessons on it. I think the email marketing contact forms get the most action unless you have a local business.
Aussiemuso Premium
Great question. I've been thinking of doing this but didn't know where to start. I look forward to reading the replies from our lovely community.

Lily 😁