This is important to me because many searches nowadays are done through mobiles/pads, and I also understand from Google that unless our site is mobile friendly we may not rank on searches using those, and I have heard it would not affect laptop or desktop origin searches. Any advice I could get would be helpful. About to start building a couple more sites! Thanks!

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DeeDee289 Premium
I've been using Enfold for years and it looks amazing on mobile.
Kathy331 Premium
Most of the Wordpress themes are catching up, but you can check your site for responsiveness here.

And this is some training. :)
DaveSw Premium
Dankeschoen!! I will check this out...I want to build sites using my own domains having this capability, make it as easy as possible for traffic to see what I have for them. Have a great day!
Marketboom Premium
I appreciate this link. I saved it to desktop. Yesterday I had a moment of disaster on my local site (on mobile view) with a page that went to rank 2 locally. It showed all my text in a one word column all the way down the long mobile page. I freaked! Then after it finally loaded correctly It was all Okay!. That time it was only a slow internet connection grabbing all the page, but if it wasn't this link would have truly showed me :)