I'm an amazon affiliate, however, I also have products of my own that I want to sell. I want to sell them via amazon. I understand that I have to create a seller account, which is different than an affiliate account.

Can an amazon affiliate also be a seller on amazon? Am I have allowed to hold both accounts?

Your help is greatly appreciated!


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AlexSol Premium
Hi Reyhana, you are allowed to have both account. In fact I have an amazon affiliate account, amazon FBA seller account and an Amazon Merch account as well. Amazon Seller account is $40 per month though if you want to do FBA. If you want to fulfill your own orders than it's free (I believe).
preciousns Premium
i believe it is possible to do so. I personally sell on amazon and I have amazon affiliate account and I've not had a problem so far.
newstar Premium
Hi Preciousns. Thanks a lot for your help!!!.. =) Now i can create my seller account without fear of getting banned...