1. I cannot get rid of the sidebar widgets.
2. When I do rid myself of them, where do I put Archive and Blog Posts?
3. My Amazon links work perfectly!!! Yea
4. The pictures on my site insist on stretching across the page. I cannot fix it. I start with a well sized picture.
5. The menu across the top is not as I have it coded in the menu. I have 3 menu items
Menu Structure
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• About MePageAbout Me. Menu item 1 of 3.
• WealthCustom LinkWealth. Menu item 2 of 3.
• Getting Started sub itemPageGetting Started. Sub item number 1 under Wealth.
• YOUR WHY – Your Passion sub itemPageYOUR WHY – Your Passion. Sub item number 1 under Getting Started.
• Low Start Up – FREE Start Up sub itemPageLow Start Up – FREE Start Up. Sub item number 2 under Getting Started.
• Residual Income – What Is It? sub itemPageResidual Income – What Is It?. Sub item number 3 under Getting Started.
• Creating A Residual Income Onlinesub itemPageCreating A Residual Income Online. Sub item number 1 under Residual Income – What Is It?.
• Reduce AgingCustom LinkEdit
• Move Effortlessly! Play Fearlessly! Feel Phenomenal! sub itemPageEdit
• REAL ENERGY – Vital Energy for Your Metabolism sub itemPageREAL ENERGY – Vital Energy for Your Metabolism. Sub item number 2 under Reduce Aging.
Menu Settings
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Primary Menu
Secondary Menu


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Robert-A Premium
Patricia you have so much info here I'm sure the membership wont know exactly what it is you want.
Send me a PM what it is you want and I will try to make sense of it and help you out.
I'm going out for the day now but maybe catch you later tonight.
Enjoy your Sunday.