Hi All,

I am looking to make a change to my theme and was considering some of the really professional and functional themes from Studiopress. The Genesis platform and built-in SEO responsiveness sound very intriguing.

I had a couple of questions before I make a final purchase decision. First, can these themes be installed here on the WA hosting platform? Is there any way to preview what your content will look like with these themes before actually purchasing? For anyone that uses Studiopress, I would love to hear any feedback and whether you felt it was worth the upgrade and also know the difficulty level of installing and formatting your existing site around the new theme.

I realize that a theme itself will not ultimately make a major difference in your rankings on Google. However, I would like to potentially put together a more professional looking theme and also like the SEO benefits offered on the Genesis platform that can help with rankings. Also, if the site is fast, responsive, attractive, etc, it could encourage more engagement, which in turn, would result in better rankings.

Any feedback about Studiopress would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks!

- Howie

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Keane Premium
Hey Howie. How's it going? Ok, to answer your questions -- yes, in my personal opinion, I think that Genesis themes are worth looking into (for they are AWESOME). And your right, they do allow for SEO responsiveness as many people out there are viewing websites with smartphones and tablets (and this is a pretty large market).

I personally use the Genesis theme -- Metro Pro, and it worked out for me and was worth the purchase. Also, I think that for persons who really take their business super seriously, then the paid themes arena is definitely for them. Plus, they provide that air of professional, attractiveness - as you mentioned prior, that many buyers of these themes were looking for in the first place.

Also, on that note of adding the themes to WA, yes they can be added here, as the themes come as zipped file whenever they are purchase, that way allowing you to easily upload them to WordPress.

For the purpose of previewing the themes before purchase to see how they would turn out, yes, that's a feature that Studio Press allows on your their website - for not only PC viewing, but for also tablets and smartphones.

So, yes, Genesis themes all the way for Keane:-)

Hope this was able to help. Hope you have a good one!
HoJo007 Premium
Hey Keane,

Thank you for the great response. The one last thing I am trying to confirm is whether or not these themes can be installed fairly easily by myself here on WA hosting? I am pretty much sold on taking the leap, but I want to make sure I can use the theme on the hosting provided here. It seems like the entire framework is just awesome, responsive, professional, and optimized.

Also, is Studiopress the only place that offers the Genesis themes? I assume it is proprietary to them, right? I am just learning of these themes and the platform so it's a little new to me. I just want to make sure that before I purchase, I am choosing from the best possible options and obviously, able to actually install it here without having to get separate hosting.

Thanks for the feedback, Keane and any additional clarification you can provide to those two questions. You guys are all AWESOME with these quick responses!
Keane Premium
No prob Howie. We got you! Ok, let's take this one step by step and question by question - since like you asking the right questions before making any purchases is pretty important, and quite responsible on the part of any one person.

1). Studio Press is the main company that sells Genesis themes, because it is their product. I mean sure, you'll have third party affiliates here and there that sells these same themes, but ultimately Studio Press has the rights to them.

2). It is easy as 1, 2, 3 to upload or add your Studio Press theme here to your WordPress site without going elsewhere for additional hosting. Think about it like this, the "Genesis theme", that YOU might be interested in purchasing is actually a zip file (or a plugin), that was made to be easily uploaded or added to any WordPress site.

Now, for a plugin that you purchase to upload to your WordPress back office, would you need hosting elsewhere apart from WA to upload this to WordPress -- of course not! Same principle too is for your Genesis theme that you want to purchase:-)

Also, if you want videos of themes, Studio Press' back office shows you how to do all of this or you could use the videos from YouTube like I have, to carry out this entire process.

Happy to help my friend,
HoJo007 Premium
You are the man, Keane! Exactly what I was seeking and also, hoping to hear! I am looking forward to the switch over to Genesis and hopefully, the process of transferring my site and adjusting content and other tweaks, will not be too incredibly time consuming, as this is just one of MANY things i need to do. Not to mention, I am working on two other projects to build out sites for potential clients next week. Thank you for the clear and concise responses to my questions. It is much appreciated. All the best to you!
Keane Premium
Lol. Thanks for the compliment. And anytime my friend, anytime. All the best to you as well!
TGE Premium
Yes! I LOVE everything they do and output over there.

I just switched my entire platform over to Rainmaker last week. Totally amazed and in awe.

If you're 1,000% all in, my suggestion is for you to look at that, if it's cost effective for you. Right now they have 21 Studio Press Child Themes, so that may be an option to consider now or later.

Hope this helps!
HoJo007 Premium
Thanks for the response! I am 1000% all in for my business, but still trying to figure out the best move regarding design changes. I haven't heard one negative thing about Studiopress yet, so I would say I am sold on using them.

You mentioned Rainmaker. Forgive my ignorance on the topic, but is that the name of a specific theme or a different site or package of some sort that is offering a package of Studiopress themes? Please clarify. Thanks and I look forward to your response!
HoJo007 Premium
Also, can Rainmaker be used with Wordpress and also be installed if I am hosting here at WA?
HoJo007 Premium
So I did a search on Rainmaker and it definitely sounds IMPRESSIVE, to say the least. Literally, every possible thing I could imagine any human being would need from a web development, SEO, statistics, etc, standpoint. The price point is a little high, but I am not sure I would want to move my site there, just yet. It is not only the price holding me back. This will absolutely be something I will re-visit in the future because going through the tour, all I could say was, WOW! However, at $95/month I think they should allow you to host more than one site. if they opened it up to even 3 sites, at that price, I think they would quickly expand their business. Unlimited and forget about it, lol. I have some other ideas I would like to develop in the future that require a little more power, features, and functionality, so this is something I will definitely check out again. Right now, I am staying very focused on my first and main site, which I have been seeing very decent success from and making sure I don't bite off more than I can chew or try to do too many things at once.

I can see why you are in such awe by that platform and appreciate you sharing the resource and info. Obviously, disregard my question about installing it over here. I think when either my current site has expanded, where I am offering my own products or have membership opportunities, I will take another look at this option. Do you promote products directly or are you purely affiliate marketing with your main site on that platform? I would absolutely be interested in hearing your feedback about it, if you wouldn't mind me following up in the future. Thanks and all the best!
Keane Premium
Glad to hear that you take your business seriously Howie, for I most certainly do with mine. I always tell my friends this "if YOU don't take YOUR business seriously, who will."
HoJo007 Premium
Absolutely, agree! Without getting into my entire story right now, I was very unexpectedly laid off from my job back in June and decided to give this thing a shot in July. The last thing in the entire world I want to do is go back to the corporate world, when I know it is not for me. I gave it a shot for 15 years. I am now running this business full time and although I have seen some decent success, there is still a LONG road ahead. However, my motivation can't possibly be higher. This is everything to me and has already changed my life and allowed me to see a glimpse of the incredible things that can be achieved for my future life. Sure, there are ups and downs, but continuing to succeed and take my business to the next level, will literally provide me with the life that I have always wanted. That life is beyond monetary rewards, but also a freedom that is quite simply, priceless. All the best and much success to you, my friend!
leoemery Premium
I own all the StudioPress themes - they are one of the best platforms around - they work of the Genesis framework which is the child theme.

The have unlimited capabilities and can be customized to any extent.

When you buy your theme you will have access to support from studiopress and a community where you can ask questions and again get support from the community for any theme related questions.

Upgrading or changing your theme is usually a painless process but things can happen. So make sure you back up your theme prior to any changes.

In most cases all that you need to do is a little house keeping. For example depending on theme you are coming from you may need to activate and upload your header image and things like that.

One thing you can do is create a test site. You can do this by creating a sub domain or use one of your free site from the WA. Install your current theme.

Then install studiopress make the switch and see what happens.

This is a test site so if anything goes goofy it's no big deal you're not changing your live site. You can then make any adjustments you need to make on your test site.

Once you have it all that figured out - when you make the upgrade on your live site to your studio press theme you now know what has to be done if anything.

You can then make those changes with no fuss no muss to your live site.

Hope this helps
HoJo007 Premium
Thanks for the response, Leo! Very much appreciated and I needed a quick reply so it is more appreciated than you know.

It looks like the only way that I would be able to preview the Studiopress themeswith my current content, would be by actually purchasing them from the site, correct? How do you go about installing them here? Is it difficult? I assume it is possible on WA servers?

Also, great suggestion about running my current theme on a test site so I know what needs to be done. I assume I can also make the change on the live site and if anything goes goofy, I can always just revert back to my original theme or even reload the backup of my site, correct?

I definitely realize there will be some house keeping and adjustments that need to be made around the new theme, which is really no problem, as long as it is not a complete overhaul. I just want to make sure that before I pay for the theme, it can be installed on the WA platform (myself?) and I wish there was a way to do a live preview of my current content using the theme that I am interested in purchasing. I guess my biggest concern is spending $100 for a theme and then finding out I am not happy with it.

I have heard nothing but great things about the Genesis platform and I'm pretty much sold on making the change here, if possible. I have no problem investing the money, but obviously, don't want to waste it and want to make sure I will be good to go installing it here. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and I look forward to your response!

- Howie
leoemery Premium
You can add any theme to your site - once you have bought it you add it to your site like any theme.

Go to Appearance then Themes - the click Add New then Upload Theme - find the theme and the frame work on your computer then upload things.

You need to activate the genesis framework in order for the theme to work so do that first and then activate the theme.

Easy pezzy

And yes if things go goofy you can simply revert back to your old theme.

And if you don't like the theme Studio press has a 30 day money back guarantee:


Hope this helps
bazboy247 Premium
Yes I use them, they are very good, I would recommend them
When you go the website for studio press then you can see a preview of the themes in action
Here are two of my websites using the 1140 pro theme



If you need any help installing them give me a shout and I will help you out they come with two themes a framework and a child theme
So when you install the theme you have to install 2 files

They also come with an extensive e book on how to use all the functionality of the theme
Best thing I ever did was use on of these themes
You can use them with WA they upload like any other theme

HoJo007 Premium
Awesome! Thanks so much for the reply, Barry. It really seems like it would be the right move for my site and the Genesis platform sounds incredible. I also appreciate the offer for the help. Is it difficult to install and get things running on the WA hosting? I am pretty saavy when it comes to navigating and learning web development, but I would not say I am very knowledgeable when it comes to coding. Is there a lot of coding involved? Would you say the learning curve is steep?

The theme I am interested in looks like it runs about $100. I assume that gives you the ability to customize and install on as many sites as you would like for life, right?

What would you say the most beneficial part of investing in these themes was for developing your site? I am reading a lot of people who are not only saying how much they love the themes, but that they are able to develop sites a lot faster. Also, the natural SEO readiness of the platform is excellent.

I appreciate your quick response and feedback and look forward to hearing back from both you and Leo soon, as I am hoping to make these changes ASAP today. Thanks!

bazboy247 Premium
I do not use WA hosting, there is no coding involved but you have to upload 2 files
Here is a quick lesson on uploading the theme

Upload framework first but do not click the activate button
Then upload the child theme then click activate

You get an complete handbook on all the settings its very good book and it is well explained

The benefits are as follows

Paid themes are guaranteed to be kept updated with WordPress updateds
You can use the theme on as may sites as you like
The functionally is high
You can create custom landing pages at the click of a button
You can create custom pages easily
It has it own SEO features
Its clean and professional looking, no distractions
The technical support is very good, they always answer any questions you have right away, via e mail
Its one of the most popular blogging platforms on WordPress
Its Google and SEO friendly

HoJo007 Premium
Awesome, thank you for the reply and detailed response, Barry! Much appreciated! I am looking forward to choosing and getting things set up here. Hopefully, it won't be too much of a learning curve or have my site down or anything for any sort of extended period of time. It sounds like it has a lot of great positives and I am looking forward to it! All the best!
andelane Premium
How did things work out, Hojo007? It's a year later, and I too am thinking of switching?
andelane Premium
Oh, and did it cost you $100 TOTAL or per month? Thanks
HoJo007 Premium

Well, it has been a heck of a year since this post and mostly all positive. Instead of signing up with StudioPress, I have explored some other options, depending on the needs for the site.

Now, for my main niche site that I started here and the reason I initially created this post, I went with Thrive themes. https://goo.gl/S39pW3

So many awesome features and capabilities and the thrive content builder is phenomenal, as long as you don't try to build your entire site with it. (I can explain more about what I mean if you would like)

It helped to significantly increase site speeds, provides clean code, really simple settings and features that can be switched around easily and just has made building out my niche sites so much easier.

Yes, that is a referral link above. Completely up to you if you decided to go in that direction, but figure a referral is a referral, right?

I have also expanded my business to develop websites and provide marketing services to others. For these purposes, I have either completely customized a theme from scratch or gone to resources like envato or themeforest to find specific themes that met their needs.

I have heard decent things about StudioPress, but at the end of the day, I wanted a little more variety and certain capabilities that they simply did not provide. For creating niche websites, I think Thrive is the way to go, but there is definitely not one set "right or wrong" type of answer.

I would say that for anyone just starting out, they should absolutely not worry about going with a premium theme and utilize the free themes available to them so that they can focus on building a quality site and writing quality content.

However, when you are ready and past the basics, a premium theme can certainly provide not only some nice extra bells and whistles but also some capabilities that you may be limited to otherwise.

What type of site do you have?

The other thing that I would recommend is that if you decide to go premium, while there are some individual premium themes that are wonderful, it may be best to sign up for one of the services like Thrive, Themify, StudioPress, etc. that offer a larger variety.

This way, if you switch themes and you don't love it, you always have the option and ability to change to another one without spending ore money.

My most important recommendations, should you decide to move forward with this move is to first and foremost, backup and save everything on your site. From your theme to plugins, databases, etc. There are plenty of free WP plugins for this. Personally, I like UpDraft and WP backups, but whichever gets the job done.

The other thing that took a TON of pressure off and allowed me to really take my time was to build out the site on a sub-domain. I blocked the search engines from indexing the site and didn't officially go live with it to my readers until I felt it was truly ready. I am glad that I did this because you will run into a few small issues along the way and of course there is a small learning curve any time you are using a new theme and features.

I would not have wanted to go live with a new theme and be working on modifying and changing it around on a live site, while traffic was going in and out. My downtime was extremely minimal during the official switch to the theme and when it went live, I knew I was comfortable with how it looked and functioned.

Hope this helps and feel free to drop a line with any other questions if you have them. All the best!
HoJo007 Premium
I chose the option with Thrive that provided me with everything from themes, plugins, extensions, etc. along with updates, support and everything for I believe, $200 for the year. It may be even less now. I also felt that $100/month was too much at the time and I am glad that I didn't commit to Studio Press. However, its not to say that they don't provide some excellent themes and have plenty of positives. I just think the price is a little steep for what it is
andelane Premium
Wow, have I got some reading to do! Thanks so much. My head is spinning-- technology is NOT my scene at all! I'm going to have to think and marinate on all this. I do have some initial questions/clarifications to ask of you:

1. When you say "go Premium" are you referring to WA or paying for the more "premium" themes offered THROUGH WA via Wordpress (and did this question make any sense)?

2. So, about backing up. I thought my site automatically backed up every night via WA. No? PLUS, i took the tutorial Kyle gave about manually backing up my site once a week (which I admit I haven't done for a while). But is that NOT ENOUGH? Does that not include plugins, etc?

3. So my current site is not mature, however, I've put a ton of time into it. Thus, the idea of switching to a "Thrive" or a "studio press" cold-- and having problems, frightens me. Yet I'm not sure what a "sub domain" is? I have a "throwaway" domain and site (in addition to my main site) that I've done nothing with, and don't plan to. Ever. Are you saying that I should try out my new themes on my dormant site? what good is that since I have not build out anything-- no advertising, no content, side bars, etc

4. With any/all of these, is there a way to "push a button" and go back to the way things were, without any stress? I sure would like that safety net to hold onto in my mind.

Okay, now I gotta go and real all the other comments I got last night. Again, thanks sooooo much! You will be hearing from me again, no doubt!

andelane Premium
HoJo007 Premium
Hi Andrea,

Wow, first and foremost, allow me to apologize. When you had initially responded a year after this post went up, I assumed that you had also been here for about a year and may have confused you with my response.

I am going to go through your questions one-by-one to try and provide some clarity.

1. When I was referring to "Premium," I had meant a premium Wordpress theme. These are themes outside of the free library of themes and can be purchased from various resources outside of WA.

Many times, they will have a few extra bells and whistles, they will be more cleanly coded from the backend and allow a little more flexibility to put it in the most simple terms.

However, if you are just getting started out and are really still in your first 6-12 months at WA, you will be fine using a free theme.

I had almost jumped to purchasing a premium theme early and it was actually Kyle who advised against it and I am glad that he did.

There are SO MANY things to learn along the way to understand how this all works and provide real quality content that I don't think it is a necessary thing to have until you are making some real income with your site.

2. Backing Up - You can certainly use the methods that Kyle explains in the video. These are the same methods that I used for the first few months that I started my business.

However, as the business and the site became more valuable to me and I was earning a full-time living, I wanted to assure a little more security.

Therefore, I downloaded a backup plugin. I wanted to make sure that my backup was covering any and everything and could be restored very easily, if necessary. This is something that you can do at any time and depending on the size of your site, I would recommend backing up once a week. Trust me, the inevitable could and probably will happen.

The plugins that I mentioned in my previous post allow me to set up automatic backups of my site, which are emailed to me and sent to my Dropbox account. This way, backups are never a concern or anything that I have to think about.

3. If your site is not mature, regardless of the time that you have put into it, don't worry about a premium theme. It sounds like you are doing great and just keep plugging away at the things that you are doing until you start earning an income.

Once you can free a little more time up, then you can worry about things like Premium themes. If the idea scares you, the way that it did for me a year ago, don't do it. You don't "need" a premium theme to earn money from your site or have a successful business.

4. Yes, if and when you decide to switch themes, this is where the importance of a full backup of your site comes into play. This way, if you wanted to change everything back to the way that it was, you could essentially roll back your site to the day before you even touched it and started to make any of these changes.

I hope some of this information helps and helped to clarify things a bit. All the best and much success to you!

andelane Premium
Thanks so much. I'll bookmark this page and refer back to it when, and if, the time comes! You have been very helpful and I thank you for taking the time! Andrea
rosieM Premium
Sorry, haven't used them...yet, however will be watching replies as it sounds interesting.