Can anyone please tell me how l can do a mass change to my amazon affiliate links.

l need to take out old links and replace with new, but there are 100s of products and im hoping there is a way l can change all in 1 go.

Thanks so much.

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Yenomym Premium
Looks like Mark has given you good advice. All the best...
Sherefashion Premium
Good question
JLMarker Premium
Good question..... looks like Mark answered for you.
Mark Tait Premium
Hi Roamy.

I did a quick search on "wordpress plugin search and replace text", and one of the first results was:

Number 1 in the list looks like it may do what you're asking - but I've not used it, so please make backups before running it.

All the best, Mark
roamy Premium Plus
Thanks Mark, will take a look.