I use three different affiliates on my site they all have 5 star ratings with customers they get great reviews..... I would like to use these attributes, should I advertise that I am connected to these affiliate sites... I at one time read that one of the appeals to affiliate sites is that the customer does have more than one store to shop from all in one place...?? It would give me more copy to tantalize a conversion....wondering if this is a good idea.... Tim
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Poetman Premium
Is your website one for reviewing affiliate programs, or are they add on links to your site which reviews something else? I am not sure it's necessary to say you are connected, BUT if your site is already one that rates/reviews affiliates, you'd essentially be repeating yourself (in a roundabout way). It's quite clear you're associated, at least to me~and it wouldn't turn me off ;-)
onmyownterms Premium
Question is for original poster, who is no longer active in the community. Closing with a comment.