How do i go about adding links on my website to the different products i want to sell?

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DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - have you actually applied to join any affiliate programs?
Dsprad32 Premium
Yes i have.
DianeScorpio Premium
So, which program? Are you still stuck?
AparnaBansal Premium
In Site Content, where u write your articles, there is a link along with the formatting options.
U select the text u want to link.
Press the link button.
Then u copy the URL u want to embed and paste it in the window that has opened.

It's the same process in WordPress admin area too. The editor has a similar link button
scottlnk Premium
In my site when I add products, I store my product in the media box in Wordpress. Media is under shop on your dashboard. This is where I store my images for my site. I click on my site where I want to add the image and the link and it pulls up the media library box that allows me to add an image with the link insertion area at the bottom. If you are doing it after the fact, i.e. adding a link to an image or product already in your sight, you would just right click on the image, the media library appears again and it will allow you to add a link that goes out wherever at that time. I hope this makes sense. Try it and if you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to assist.