I am still close to the beginning of my training and at the point of building up content on my pages. I find that I'm pushing visitors to sign up for our email notification list. Although I'm sure that it will be covered in my training as I move forward, can someone please let me know how I can add that option to my pages?

Thanks so much for your help in advance.

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AGOgden Premium
You are on the right track...you'll do well!
drjec Premium
You just need to choose an email plugin. Go to site manager>plugins>add new>search plugins (on the left side of the page).... type "email" in the search bar. There will be lots of options. Read the reviews and pick the one you want. They aren't hard to delete if you don't like one. Once you have picked one, you hit "install" and then "activate." Depending on the one you choose, there may be setup. You would follow instructions.
ChrisM112 Premium
DrJec...thanks so much for taking the time to respond.