Hi I looking at maybe selling my own products as well at having links to other business in fitness and health. But the website is not set up for your own products and I not very good with computers, iam worry i could end up in deep water as I don-t know what I am do. I only want 2 pages just to sell some products, just to make extra money as well?

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Chris Lee Premium
If you'd like to sell your own products, you may want to check out Gumroad.com
Stanleycmng Premium
Are you selling physical products or digital products?

If physical products, you need fulfillment so you will need a commerce plugin like WooCommerce.

If digital products, you just need a sales page and deliver the products via download.

You will need payment for both, Paypal and/or Stripe for Visa/MC.
LawrenceMidd Premium
Hi Stanleycmng thank you for you message and help with this. I looking at physical products, so all I need to do is go into plugins and download the one I need.
Many thanks