Wow, I Just Got Myself In Trouble!

Last Update: Nov 19, 2021

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Hello WA Friends,

Today starts FriSatSu...

I plan to work through the weekend here in WA and on my sites, videos, and uploads.

Yesterday I uploaded 2 more videos to my YouTube channel and I wrote and published another super long post, it was almost 2900 words.

Then, I converted the post to video and uploaded it to YouTube. Afterward, I embedded it on my original post which I'm doing with every video I create.

Initially, I created 20 videos before I ever uploaded any to my new channel which was intentional. That keeps me in videos to upload for a while as I create more content.

As I sit here, I'm breaking one of my own rules by watching a YouTube racing series video.

Usually, I listen to music as I work here and that doesn't bother me, but cars and racing?

That will make me stop and watch the video depending on the event and the cars involved.

I watch the Vise-Grip Garage YouTube channel, the guy's videos are hilarious and well made. Plus, a few others Like Cleatus McFarland, Ken Block, Demolition Ranch, and Scotty Kilmer.

Today, I caught myself in a daze, I was watching the racing video on my big screen monitor!

About an hour or so went by before I snapped back from watching the YouTube racing Videos! The last video was a really good road course/rally race through the woods with Ken Block!

It definitely has a ride-along intensity feel to the video going through the woods at top speed!

This video is 12:32 long and the race in the woods begins at 4:40, pretty crazy stuff for sure.

I disabled the link for this post, but that's the link to the race.

https: //

YEP! YouTube can steal time from you if you let yourself get caught up binge-watching videos.

Arguing With Myself!

Finally, I yelled at myself using language that would have warranted a bar of soap by my mom. It was

Now I'm !*%@ grounded, I have to work all weekend, and I'm also on video restriction! Apparently, it's not up for debate!

I'm not even sure if I'm still allowed to listen to music...geez!

Better get back to work, I don't need any more trouble!

I've gotten a lot tougher on moving

Some old habits can be hard to break.

Hope everyone is doing well.



Recent Comments


Ha ha, John, you really did make me laugh out loud. Sounds like you have a really stern boss, I wouldn't upset him again this weekend, he may restrict your food treats as well as the visual. 😡

No “just eats” or “Uber eats ” for you boy...(a UK, instant gratification a food delivery service for the VERY busy or the very lazy amongst us....)

hahaha...on no, looks like it's Domino's
Already stopped myself from wandering this AM.
The boss is watching, back to work I go.


I'm glad you got some good watch time in John! Don't be too hard on yourself, my friend! I too, subscribe to vice grip garage! I love when they see if an old car will run and drive!

Happy Frisatsu!


Absolutely, I like when he has to install a new drinking fountain for the sparkolators after fixing the whirly chargey thing. It's hilarious!

Happy FriSatSu.


I always love his terms for car parts, John! Hilarious!


Friends, I have a problem ...
I'm working on Creating your privacy policy. I did everything as Kyle described in the video, but that content doesn’t appear on a separate page.
On the bar above the title of the Website, on the other hand, there are two subheadings Privacy Policy, but when you click on it, nothing appears.
Where am I wrong?

thanks for the help, Natasha

When you click on the EDIT page in Word Press, it appears like this

Try clearing your cache within the SiteManager. It's located within your site's infobox, under "SitePlus+". There is a button to clear your website's cache within that page.

Otherwise, ensure that you have the privacy policy page assigned to the menu navigation within your WordPress dashboard.

I would go through this training and then add the main menu and add the privacy policy to that menu.


I'd also check if you a duplicate copy of your privacy policy, you are only needing one. As it is a page, it gets added to the menu. You may need to empty the browser cache, refresh and try again. Try URL in a different browser or mobile device.

You can also empty servers cache.
Websites > Site Manager > Details > Sitespeed > Empty site cache

And also let us know if you were able to figure it out.

Hope this helps.

I did it all, so this happened. I made a mistake somewhere ... I'll correct it tonight.

Thank you Abie, I'll try tonight, let you know what I did.

Thanks Colton, I'll try tonight, let you know what I did.

Thanks good people, I succeeded !!

Thanks good people, I succeeded !!

Thanks good people, I succeeded !!

Awesomeness and that's great to know.

You're very welcome.

John thank you for sharing. All work no play makes John a dull boy says the proverb.

That's a true proverb, it's why I catch myself wanting to play on YouTube every so often. Not this weekend though, I plan to work.

Good ol self disipline! It is needed for our monkey brain will go beserk on us if we let it. Mine is Ultra four racing, hooks me in good. But since I get to work the King of the Hammers event, I get to watch that stuff live! I can wait!

Thanks, Scott.
Yes, good old self-discipline is something I try to encourage myself to do but I usually just end up arguing with

I've watched some of the King of the Hammers on YouTube.
Seeing it live has to be pretty awesome!

It is awesome, the shoot out is in a crazy spot now and two years back I missed watching the outlaw climb that. His buggy is out of this world.

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