What Is Creative Writing

Last Update: January 28, 2020

Many people would say writing is just putting a pen to paper and putting words on that paper. That may hold true for someone who jots down a note to remember an appointment or a chore, but not for creative content blog writers.

I've added the title Creative Writer alongside of being a Web Publisher/Affiliate Marketer in many of my online bios. I've had people ask me what is creative writing and I tell them it's the art of being a wordsmith.

There are many variations of writers in the world and creative writers are just one of those categories. It's been said that creative writers are visionaries because a great creative writer can write about most anything and make the words pull you in.

A Page Worth Reading

As an example, you can take one image and have five people write a 300 word article about that image and you will have five completely different articles. Everybody has their own vision of what to write, but not all of them will be good.

Think if you were in school, you would be graded anywhere from an A to an F on that image based article. Having a way with wording and sentence structure and proper grammar can make the difference between someone that will read your content or simply leave your page.

Just because the page makes sense structurally and all the grammar is correct does not make a page worth reading. This is where a great creative writer can rise above the rest using appealing specific words that keeps you reading their page.

What Is Creative Writing

To understand what is creative writing, you must think outside of the bounds of normal professionalism that includes factual journalism, most academia, literature and forms.

Most any legal document would also not be considered a form of creative writing.

A good attorney might disagree if they won a case based on a document they may have created for court.

A creative writer typically is reliant on the use of character development and with an affiliate marketers writers mindset that character becomes their niche content.

The use of literary tropes and poetry are not uncommon to great creative writers.

Great Creative Content

A natural creative writer can vision content forming before they type one word for the next content title they are blogging about. Their next article title can be virtually about anything and they have the unique ability to make something out of nothing.

It would be an interesting experiment to actually do the one image article I mentioned above.

A great creative content writer will embellish the content using precisely placed wording that will keep a reader engaged wanting more. I once had an accidental experiment happen because I had lost an article I was writing and poof it was gone!

After no luck finding the original article I went to work writing my content again completely doing the article over and I published that article once I had finished the content I had written. No sooner had I published that article when I found the original saved as a word file.

Images and Keywords

The biggest thing I noticed immediately was the stark difference between the two articles I had created on the same exact subject. This became creative writing 101 for me, it let me know it was OK to not restrict myself to one type of content creation.

Depending on the images and keywords being used you can create content on more than one subject from that one image. That of course depends on the image, but as an example I will give you a hypothetical here.

Let's say we have an image of a dude on a boat who is fishing near a bridge with a dog on board. That image alone can produce content for a creative writer to blog about a number of subjects including fishing, dogs, fresh and salt water, boats, bridges, hobbies, Eco and more.

My dog Jack....lol

My Awesome Journey

Creative writing is what every affiliate marketer does with every blog post they publish and having that ability on command is a gift, but it is also a learned craft. My writing style is naturally improving with every piece of content I create.

I'm noticing far fewer mistakes using grammar checkers and once recently I had it appear as none on a post I had created. The funny part for me? I'm the last person that would of said I'm going to be a publisher, creative writer, author and a affiliate marketer.

Today I can't imagine not doing all the above with creating content as I do most every day. To say I am humbled would be an understatement, over the next few years I plan to develop my craft and continue on this most awesome journey.

This has become a total lifestyle change for me with WA, I am literally blown away that I get to talk with like-minded people from all over the world every single day, all for taking a chance and clicking on a button to join.

When I started here at WA, I of course joined wanting to make money, but the challenge of becoming a really good creative writer is so intriguing and awesome. The unique ability of using specific words to captivate a reader completely determines our own success after all.

Ranked page one in 3 search engines on specific keywords with 2 sites, I'm ecstatic.

Peace and Prosperity to Everyone.

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Hudson Premium
Thought provoking post, thank you. Initially made me nervous because I am not the type that knows instantly what I am going to write. For me this is a process which starts with an idea, few points and research (keywords, news, books etc), and then grows, sometimes into something a bit or a lot different to what I originally thought of. Along the way I may also put to one side some thoughts for a follow up or additional post on the same topic, which grows from the kind of offshoot or new idea from the original - if that makes sense. For me a post can be an instant write it and publish but only if this process has been followed first. Mostly a post takes me a few days as I craft it into something I am happy to publish because I think it will help the reader in some way. Hope all of this makes sense - creative writing??
webcash2us Premium
Thanks Phillip

I have my moments of cloudiness approaching content.
But once I set the process in motion things become clear.

My process always begins with a solid ranking keyword.
From that keyword I develop everything else as I write.

When I do my research on content to write about I always wind up with sticky notes of new content to create content with.

I'm not where I can instantly create a post, but my speed and creativity is getting better by the day.
tjkhan1 Premium
Well i have to say point proven as i read all of the article . Your journey is truly inspiring and i wish you all the success for the coming future .👍
webcash2us Premium
Thanks Tjkhan1

I Wish You All The Best.

alisterbrede Premium
Really recommend Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way".
webcash2us Premium
I just found the book on Amazon, I'm looking into it later tonight.
Thanks for the suggestion.
alisterbrede Premium
It's a life changer. I started painting after reading it!
Queendo Premium
What an awesome Journey! I read your article through and through. Success is already on your side:)
webcash2us Premium
Thanks Queendo
This journey gets better by the day.
Queendo Premium
So welcome)
Fleeky Premium Plus
Marked as top!
webcash2us Premium
Thanks Fleeky