What Is A Black Friday Deal?

Last Update: Nov 24, 2021

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Obviously, once-a-year Black Friday sales are plentiful, but what is a Black Friday Deal? Online deals are everywhere during Black Friday through Cyber Monday. In this blog post, I will tell you what is a Black Friday deal in my opinion.

The deal offered through Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best Black Friday deals I've ever seen online. The deal offers more than 50% off the normal price, which is an incredible discount.

The monthly price of Premium Plus in Wealthy Affiliate is regularly $99 a month, but for the Black Friday deal, it is $499 for the entire year. Regular Premium is regularly $49 a month for Wealthy Affiliate but during the Black Friday deal, it is $299 for the entire year.

The value of the Wealthy Affiliate platform far exceeds the cost to join at their normal price.

The Black Friday deal is by far the best way to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate!

Having an entire year upfront gives you peace of mind to learn the process of affiliate marketing without a monthly bill looming overhead. The Black Friday deal is good from November 26th through November 29th.

However, because of the best Cyber Monday deals online, the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal is also good for Cyber Monday and beyond. The newly extended dates for the Black Friday deal with Wealthy Affiliate are listed below.

After the dates listed in this post, all prices revert back to the normal price for another year. Wealthy Affiliate is only on sale during what is the Black Friday special. For the rest of the year, the cost of Wealthy Affiliate is the regular membership price.

That being said, if you don't take action joining Wealthy Affiliate during what is the Black Friday special, it's over when it's over! You won't see the lowest price ever offered into Wealthy Affiliate until the next Black Friday deal is offered again next year.

It's worth mentioning that all Free Starter Memberships and Premium memberships are eligible to upgrade during the Black Friday deal. Nov 26th through Dec 2nd is a huge time for shopping online, targeting what is a Black Friday deal can take some time.

Do you know the best Black Friday deals? This deal with Wealthy Affiliate is the lowest ever offered and a savings of $689 a year on the Premium Plus membership.

That's unheard of in my opinion, as a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate I joined during their Black Friday deal a few years back. Once you join the same price is locked in and auto-billed once a year unless you leave the Wealthy Affiliate program.

The Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal makes an excellent gift idea for the holidays!

Learn the process of affiliate marketing, it can pay many times the cost of Wealthy Affiliate for a lifetime of earning and learning online. Many members in Wealthy Affiliate have been on the platform for years and continue to remain active within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

I can tell you firsthand that there's no substitute for learning from the best in the business.

Join Wealthy Affiliate during Black Friday and begin a journey into affiliate marketing.

I Wish You The Best Of Success!


Understandably, not everyone can afford to join during the Black Friday Special.

For those that still want to learn affiliate marketing, you may join a free starter membership. Beginning the process of learning affiliate marketing starts with lesson 1 of the certified courses offered in Wealthy Affiliate. Start learning the business by joining today!

Recent Comments


Great reminder! 😊


Thanks, Chigs.
2 more days and Black Friday begins.


Awesome example of why we need to continue to promote the value and benefits.

I agree, some members have been here for 10 years plus.
No one would stay that long if the value wasn't there.
Wealthy Affiliate does it all and then some for me.


Excellent reminder, John.
Thank you.

Thanks, Muslimah.
It's definitely a great deal.


Very true words. This Black Friday deal in WA is one of the best out there...and if you are committed to moving your business forward, it is a very worth-while investment.

Thanks, Fran.
I agree it's really a worthwhile investment for one's future.
The training in Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely incredible.
I'm so committed I might upgrade to plus this year.


Excellent post, John! Very well laid-out, my friend!


Thanks, Jeff.
I'll probably do a few more in the coming days.
This is by far the best time for anyone to join.


You're very welcome, John, and yes, it is THE best time to join!


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