Turn a Setback into a Comeback

Last Update: March 17, 2022

Hello Wa Friends!

I hope everyone is doing well with their endeavors with WA and life in general.

Every so often we all experience some setbacks for whatever reason that it may happen. Sometimes, it happens unexpectedly and we never see it coming before it clobbers us.

This has happened to me since the very beginning of when I first went premium with WA.

I no longer pay attention or fear what may halt my progress working within the WA platform. That is because I know no matter what I will come back even better than before the setback.

That being said I thought I would tell this short story of what recently happened to me.

As always, WA is part of my everyday routine in life and I've been working harder than ever. The many challenges I have overcome in the past have forged my path towards success.

The last 3 weeks had been very productive for me, I was doing better than ever before.

Suddenly about a week ago, I began experiencing pain so bad that I couldn't concentrate. The pain was from a tooth that decided to let me know it was there and not leaving.

I took Ibuprophen and used icepacks to dull my pain as best I could but I knew what was next. During this time I had been very active both in my site content and here in WA as well.

My drive began a battle against the reality of what was going on as I continued working. Things were already pretty bad and I couldn't focus on anything but the pain in my mouth.

I had called my dentist and went in the next day for an appointment, I was last there in 2018.

In 2018 it cost me 5 grand to get that work done and I had to pay it off over the next 2 years. Needless to say, I haven't been on here working for the last week, and that's been bugging me!

Of course, I knew this wasn't going to be better and I was right as they want $8500 this time. Since I have no insurance it's up to me to tend to that enormous bill if I want peace to happen.

In the meantime, I have been taking the new prescribed antibiotics (Clindamycin 150mg) and I still have pain but it's fading away slowly.

I came on here a few times just to read and comment on a few blog posts that I enjoy but that was it. Today is the first day I know I can get something done without that monkey on my back.

So I will work on here until next week when I will go see the dentist again to get the work done. To Start, I will not get everything done, but I will have the biggest issue handled right away.

This isn't the first time for a setback for me, I've had many over the years, so I'm used to them. The biggest thing is what we do after something sets us back, it is what matters most of all.

Today I will finish this WA post, and then catch up on some classes and start a site blog post. Fortunately, I had done some research before any of this hit so I can get busy right away.

While a setback like this is not technically a failure, it can become one if we let that happen.

There are only two things to remember, number 1, don't stop and number 2, keep going.

Don't let any setbacks ever stop you, come back better than before and succeed.

"A mind is like a parachute, it doesn't work if it is not open..."

Just a funny quote from Frank Zappa that I find so true!

Best of success to everyone!


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RosanaHart Premium Plus
I like your Frank Zappa quote there at the end of your post.
webcash2us Premium Plus
Yes, I like many of Zappa's quotes from way back when.
He would often cite them during old TV interviews.

Another that he cited is:
"Art is making something out of nothing and selling it."

west2000 Premium
The dentist is always terribly expensive when something goes wrong. So sorry you're going through that. Hope you feel better soon. But you have a great attitude! And that quote really is true.

webcash2us Premium Plus
Yes, I completely agree with you, it is too expensive when needed.
If you read the lower comment from Stephen(Zoopie) he tells what it costs in Vietnam for dental work.

I sure wish it was that price in the USA.

My pain is temporarily subsided and I'll see my dentist next week. While I was upset about the issue, I was also upset about not being able to work within WA.

Thank you for the kind words, I truly appreciate them.

west2000 Premium
Hi John...just saw Stephen's response...looks like prices are much cheaper in Vietnam. Incredible actually. Can't even get half a cleaning for that these days. I hope all works out for you and once you're feeling better you can get back to your website.

Take care,
Newme202 Premium
Oh John!
I'm so sorry
I've had 6 children and I've also had toothache
Which did you think was worst?
I feel your pain :)
But I love your mindset and positive approach
Well done on pulling through
Keep the momentum going
webcash2us Premium Plus
I'm pretty sure having a baby far exceeds the pain of a toothache. After witnessing my daughter's birth I believe that to be quite true.

I'm a coward about going to a dentist, I just detest going there.
My dentist's slogan..> We Cater To Cowards...lol
I picked them based solely on their slogan.

I will never quit, but sometimes time away is necessary for the unexpected things that happen in life. I know you have had experiences with unexpected things as well.

The plugin incident you discovered had me throw them all away.
I hope things are going well with the master-level course for you.
Thank you for the kindness, I truly appreciate the inspiration.

Newme202 Premium
John, wrong answer!
I am sure you witnessing your daughter's birth may look quite painful but ask the mom, which would she say is worse :)

I am terrified of the dentist
Yes, I know, I am a nurse and I do give patients injections all the time
But John, seriously, those needles at the dentists are so different and scary to those that I use ;)

Love your dentist's slogan. I would sign up to go there too lol

Stepping away from anything and giving yourself time to think and breathe is always beneficial for us to progress on our journey

I'm glad you threw away those toxic plugins.
Anything for a clean health ;)

I'm a bit excited as my course is drawing nearer to its date
I will still continue to blog when I can and pop in to make comments as normal

Hope your start to the day has been amazing
webcash2us Premium Plus
I would have never guessed that a toothache would be worse.
Yeah, that may be the worst of the fear for me, the needles!
The drilling sounds always creep me out as well...

I just look at the time and think it will all be over in an hour.

Have an awesome weekend.
Newme202 Premium
Yes, that is what does it for me - the drilling and the long needles
Have a great weekend ahead
muslimah Premium
That is quite expensive. So sorry about the pain.
Keep going, a step at a time.
I wish you a speedy recovery.
webcash2us Premium Plus
The price is outrageous in my opinion, but it has to be done.
With the antibiotics working the pain has gone down somewhat.

Sometime next week I will start getting the work done.
Thank you for the kind words Muslimah.

One day at a time!

tdbabineaux Premium Plus
I think Zappa's quote sums it up quite well. (I hadn't heard this one before). Who would have thought that rotten grapes could be made into wine? I'm a fan of tea. At one point, I had about 2 dozen different types in my cupboard. One of them was called "Lapsang Souchong". This is a black tea that is smoked, which gives it an unusual (but wonderful) flavor. There are many stories as to how it came about. One story has it that a tea warehouse burned down, but some of the tea was saved. The smoke from the fire was thought to have ruined the tea, but the merchant went ahead and sold it anyway. And it became a hit to this day!

So, yes indeed, setbacks can have unforeseen and sometimes happy outcomes.

webcash2us Premium Plus
Ahh yes, and here I thought rotten grapes were how prune juice is made. I'm not a wine drinker at all except for Boones Farm when I was a young rambling party animal.

Some won't consider that wine, but that's what they call the stuff.

While I don't consider myself a tea aficionado I do like tea better than coffee and I always have. To me, coffee mostly tastes the same, with tea, there are so many flavors I enjoy.

The smoked tea sounds pretty good and one I would try. That is most definitely a happy outcome from an unforeseen setback. Many times, a setback has worked like a reset for me.

I've always gotten value from the lessons learned along the way.

tdbabineaux Premium Plus
I'm not a big fan of wine either. I did get what all the fuss is about, all the sniffing of corks and swirling in the glass and all the other ceremony that goes with drinking the stuff.