The Quickest Path To Self-Optimization

Last Update: April 28, 2021

Howdy My WA Friends,

Today I decided to write blog #30 here with WA about self-optimization as I continue to focus on my intended goals building out my sites. Spending time in the WA community is great and I enjoy doing that sometimes, however, it does take away from the productivity side of things.

Sometimes when working on our sites we can become overwhelmed by knowledge and experiences coming at us so quickly. This can happen to a point of frustration, confusion, and total loss involved with your train of thought.

This is when people say "I need to take a break" and tune out for a few before returning to work again. Taking breaks is a great way to rejuvenate your mental process, but are the breaks you're taking optimized breaks?

In this blog post, I will go over the quickest path to self-optimization based on neuroscience.

Yep, I'm A Science Nerd!

Recently I read an interesting article in Popular Science, yep, I'm a science nerd and I still get the magazine delivered.

Anyway, the article was about spacing out when your work or whatever tasks become too overwhelming. Everybody gets overwhelmed to some extent or another with certain tasks.

According to Neuroscientists with Southern California's Brain and Creativity Institute, spacing out is actually good for you in brief segments. Obviously, we don't want to spend the entire day spacing out, but just know according to doctors it's a normal brain function.

Psychologists term this activity as wakeful rest and this happens when we take breaks to shower, do yard work, or even just love on our pets. The results you derive from these activities allow you to reflect on the past and contemplate the future.

The brief interludes allow you to focus on current feelings instead of future tasks that may mentally hold you hostage. The voids in between these moments are controlled by what's known as the default mode network and it takes control.

Neuroscientists still don't understand how this all works, but they think it connects the dissonance side of our brains which helps us find meaning in our chaotic lives. The trouble is, life's daily endeavors leave little room to let the mind wander.

Do Nothing At All

Many will take breaks consuming entertainment which may feel like it's relaxing but it still requires brainpower to enjoy.

In order to reach wakeful rest mind-wandering status, you do nothing at all. Instead, you block out everything around you and unlock the full self-optimization that occurs from wakeful rest.

Having a wandering mind allows you to reap benefits you might not have otherwise imagined. This is why people meditate, do yoga, and learn to control their thought processes, it opens up a world of creativity, self-reliance, and abilities.

It lifts their spirits and renews their abilities to function at maximum potential and it gives them clarity to complete their intended daily goals to keep them moving along.

Instead of turning to devices to take a break from working on WA, you should turn them off instead. Silence is peaceful, no tv, no radio, no phone, no activity, just sit back, close your eyes and let your mind wander around for 10 or 15 minutes while still wide awake.

The elimination of outside influences over your present thoughts allows for the default mode network to take control of your thoughts as you begin to relax. This engages mind wandering and allows thoughts to happen by default that might otherwise have never happened with outside influences involved.

Control Your Default Mode Network

The mental clarity gained from this practice also helps reduce anxiety, improve memory, and boosts creativity. Taking breaks doing things of interest with hobbies shouldn't interfere with getting your work done, but they can and often do because we enjoy doing those things.

Much like those who study Karate training using KI (mind, spirit, and energy) and KIME (the focus of power), they train their minds. Martial artists have trained to control their minds for centuries much like Tibetan monks.

The power and ability to control your default mode network, which essentially is located in a patchwork of grey matter in your brain, can solve some major issues in your daily lives. The clarity this practice brings can help you avoid pitfalls of lingering confusion, writer's block, stress, and much much more.

Hope everyone here is doing well.


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FKelso Premium Plus
You are right...there is power in simply taking a break and doing something different for a short time. It gives your mind a chance to relax and regroup.

I find I do my most valuable thinking just before I go to bed. I'm wound up from the day and can't turn the mind off right away. Not only that -- in bed, all is quiet with no distractions. I find I get my best ideas for moving forward or planning the next step during this time. I keep a notebook by the bed so can write down ideas so they won't be lost. Sometimes I write a whole post in my head during these times. Very valuable!
webcash2us Premium Plus
Thanks, Fran, there's no replacement for the original notebook. With today's technology, I'm happy to see I'm not the only one who still uses a notebook. I have several actually, one I started keeping in my car because I would get bored sitting for my wife's Dr. appts.
Sometimes I go back to old ideas when nothing is clicking for me.
However, after forcing a 15 minute total shutdown and relaxing like I've been doing, when I return I'm pretty rejuvenated and ready.
1Rudy1 Premium
Great post!

When I need to take a break, I'll play solitaire. It's a great mind release when the brain strain hits.
Otherwise, I will take a drive and go to a new location to take pictures.
When I return to website stuff, I'm renewed.

webcash2us Premium Plus
Thanks, Rudy. Those are great idea's to relax by and I do several different things to release the brain strain myself. I'm surrounded by lakes and a river, they're my go-to when I take a drive.

I like to take pictures, watch the boats, and fish once in a while. When I take my boat nothing gets done, I've slowed that roll a lot. Taking the drive is 10 minutes away and I come back rejuvenated.
1Rudy1 Premium
You're welcome!

Yeah, I'm near a river, and there are a couple of areas to take pictures or stroll alongside. Very relaxing and rejuvenating.

Linda103 Premium
I agree with that John. I do need to switch off completely much more than I do, rather than feeling I should be doing something.
I will put this into my day, thank you.
webcash2us Premium Plus
Thanks. Linda, I switch off every day for 15 minutes of nothing. Since doing this I don't really feel overwhelmed anymore and I have a better focus on my creativity. I started doing this almost two weeks back, it has truly helped me just relax, stop sweating the small stuff and move forward.
Dadaz123 Premium
Hi John, that's a superb piece you have in neuroscience. It sure grabbed my interest. Thank you.
webcash2us Premium Plus
Thanks, Dada, it is definitely piqued my interest, I try to never let myself get overwhelmed. When I first started here I felt overwhelmed every day and it went on for months.
Not anymore, I control that end of things now.
Janice46004 Premium
I live neuroscience - it is absolutely fascinating. Thank you for this post.
webcash2us Premium Plus
Thanks, Janice, I am fascinated by science and this one really hit home with me. Since using this method my productivity has shot up so much. I do 15 minutes a day.
Janice46004 Premium
I actually meant to say I love Neuroscience, not live! Change a letter and completely change the meaning!! My husband is called Barry and I once wrote Batty by mistake. We are still married by the way!!
webcash2us Premium Plus
I know how one letter can change everything. It's bad when I haven't proofread content, miss a letter, and publish a post.

Barry must know the "R" is located right next to the "T", it's an easy mistake... lol. My wife's name is Kathrine and I think I may be the only one that ever spells her name correctly.

Kat is what she goes by and I joke that I have a Kat and a dog, she laughs and say's everybody knows that cats rule everything.