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Last Update: July 14, 2019

I thought I'd write a quick post about something some of you may or may not be aware of with search engines. There are a lot of search engines that are not Google, Bing or Yahoo and they all have millions of users every day in place of the big three I just mentioned.

The thing is, you need the big three to get ranked on most of the other search engines unless they use their own data sources, in which case you would need to submit to that particular search engine individually and wait to see what happens.

Recently, I checked one of my posts that I know is ranking on page one in Bing and Yahoo, but it is not on Google page one. I checked eight other search engines and I was shocked at what I saw.

I was ranked on page one of every search result using my keywords on those search engines. Many of them use a meta tag algorithm that produces results from multiple search engines.

Dogpile uses all 3 with Google, Bing and Yahoo and mixes those results, my post was not ranking in Google but on Dogpile my rank still has me on page one of the search results. I'm also ranked on Yandex search engine with the same post on page one of the search results.

That same post is on the first page results of the following search engines people use in place of using Google Bing or Yahoo as their default search engines.

Search Encrypt, Swiss Cows, Yippy, Qwant, Discrete Search and Duck Duck Go.

There's more but you get the gist of what this means for you when you rank on any of the big three search engines. I purposely used a post that is not ranking in Google to see that my post is still ranking in other places outside of Google and I stopped at eight search engines.

It's an awesome thing to see your site come up on page one with every one of those above mentioned search engines when you type in your keywords from a page that you already have ranking on one of the big three search engines.

Try any page or post that you have ranking and I bet you will find it on page one of the search engines I mentioned above. Just thought it was something many of you may not be aware of so I did this quick post to tell about this very cool benefit of ranking your site with the big 3.

Instead of just ranking in Bing and yahoo with that one post I'm also ranking in 8 more search engines and I'm positive there's many more that will also have those same results.

That gave me incentive to write content more than ever and I'm off to get to it now.

Thanks for reading my post and I wish everyone all the best.


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JKulk1 Premium
I just thought I'd check dogpile out and searched several of my blogs. One ranked first and another was in the top 5. Very interesting indeed. Jim
JKulk1 Premium
I'm fascinated by this. I rank high on most posts on Duck Duck go. Thank you John for enlightening us. Jim
webcash2us Premium
I was shocked to see mine on page one of Yandex.
Yandex is like the Google of Russia and the surrounding areas.
If you ranked on page one of Dogpile you're probably on Yandex.
It's truly infinite as to the possibilities when you rank your site.

All The Best
CordeliaN Premium
Wonderful news, and well done you for ranking on them.
I shall investigate further.
Thank you for sharing 👍
webcash2us Premium
Any page that is ranking in any of the main 3 search engines may have your post on page one of the other search engines.
I was happy to realize that some of my traffic may be from another search engine that I didn't even think about before.
It's so awesome!
Mick18 Premium
It is a wonderful feeling finding myself on page one. I will check out those other search engines. I'm only aware of DuckDuckGo and not the others but will check them out. Thanks have a great week.
webcash2us Premium
Thanks Mickey,
I bet most any page you have that's ranking will show you page one on any of those search engines as well.
Have a great week as well.
Lindann53 Premium
good info. thank you John.
webcash2us Premium
Your very welcome, I'm glad it helps you.
anand1209 Premium
Thank you , that’s very informative and motivating. My content is still to be ranked but this is something I will definitely look into
webcash2us Premium
Keep going you will rank your posts soon enough and when you do there's every chance you will be on every one of those search engines as well.

I wish you all the best.