Progress Made Despite A Bad Internet

Last Update: Nov 20, 2021

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Hello WA Friends,

Today I started by first checking into WA to say hello, check posts and return comments.

That was early this morning @ 6 AM!

I planned to follow that up by uploading a few videos to YouTube and then embedding them on the original posts. After that, write a new blog post and create a video of the post for YouTube.

However, my internet service provider had other plans I was not made aware of until...boom!

Suddenly, there was no internet, then it came back on, so I thought it was nothing.

Then it went out again, this happened several times over 3 hours or so. I did what I could and switched my game plan to focus on writing for a while.

After many interruptions, the internet is back and working well again, so back to the videos.

Fortunately, I can create videos without the internet using my editing software. That is provided I've already done screen captures and the AI voiceovers online.

That was the last thing I had done yesterday, so it was done and ready to make into a video. The first video I completed and I exported it to a folder waiting to get uploaded on YouTube.

Still no internet, back to writing some ideas and adding a little to some content I'm working on. Then I see the internet was back again and I immediately uploaded the first video to YouTube.

It went flawless, and 5 minutes after uploading down went the internet again, Unbelievable!

So I continued working offline for a bit until it came back again, which was about 30 mins. Once I knew it was back, I had already created the 2nd video so I uploaded it to YouTube.

I have 15 uploaded now and the first one I did today got a like not long after uploading.

I'm keeping busy since I'm on restriction from watching videos, granted I still can but I won't. The amount of work I get done when I stay away from other sites' distractions is immense.

I'm trying to retrain myself to work with no distractions on autopilot!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Recent Comments


Wow, sounds like Vietnam. Where do you live John.

Thanks, Stephen.
I live in Florida, where the sun feels like you're stuck in an oven. The bugs I can handle, the critters I can handle, even the snakes and gators I can tolerate. But... not my
I'm thinking it was temporary, so far so good today.


Florida, OMG. I live Vietnam and can relate to the heat part, hot one day, boiling the next. Only 2 seasons where I live in HCMC. Hot and hot and wet. Lol.
Internet here is ok, most of the time.

Oh man, I can imagine, I would guess the rain in Vietnam would be welcome when it's hot except that it probably rains for days.

I lived in South Florida for years before moving to North Florida.
North Florida is not as hot all year has less rain, and definitely not as congested.


I'm glad to hear that you are making the best of a bad situation, John! Very well done!


Thanks, Jeff.
Yeah, I was getting pretty mad at Xfinity while it happened. They never give any warning. The first time I realized it was down I had pages open with images, they had all disappeared on me.

So far it's good this morning, I'm ready to rock again.
That is after I get some more coffee!


Very awesome, indeed, John! Off and on, in the past I had router problems, so I know exactly what you mean!

Have an enjoyable and productive Sunday, my friend!


Thanks, Jeff.
So far so good today, work is getting done.
Some more coffee and I'm back at it again.


I'm very glad to hear that, John! Sounds like a productive, yet relaxing, day, my friend! I seem to be having one of those too!


Yes, I have no idea why but it's pretty quiet here this morning. Usually, the dogs next door are going nuts barking with my dog.

You never know around here, it could be a turkey, deer, bear, or just about anything else that gets them all barking.

Except for one little dog named Lulu, that dog is straight-up nuts!
Sits on the fence and barks nonstop for no reason at all.

I turn the music up and go back to work, but no Lulu today!

An awesome day so far, and it's still early.

I'm very glad to hear that, John! Mine has been okay! A very short ride on the MC around through town, and then back to put it away!

Now working on the computer and listening to the Cowboys-Chiefs football game! Also having a little liquid refreshment too! 🍺 Life doesn't get any better than this!


Looking good for Kansas heading into halftime.
A win keeps them in first place in the AFC West.

My buddy is a die-hard Cowboys

I used to be, John! Now that I've lived in Kansas for 36 years, I am a rabid Chief's fan!


I've been a fan of all 3 FL teams.
Lately, the only team winning is the Bucs who are 6 - 3.
The Dolphins are 4 - 7 and the Jaguars are 2 - 8.
The Bucs lost the last 2 in a row, tonight they play the Giants.


That will sure be an interesting match-up, John!


It's annoying when the internet is unstable.
Good that you achieved so much despite the hurdles.
The key is to keep moving forward.

Thanks, Muslimah.
I was happy I had done the AI and screenshots in advance.
Without those, I'd of been stopped, but I would have written. You're 100% right, the key is to keep moving forward. I hope to get much done today, it's just after 7:30 AM, I'm having my coffee.


John, it is such a nuisance when we are having WIFI issues
Thank goodness you find some way to fill the void and be productive

Have a great weekend ahead
Thank you for sharing your progress

Thanks, Simone.
Yes, at first I thought it may have been a router or modem issue. So, I reset them both, but nope, it was a Comcast Xfinity issue.
I may start looking for a different internet provider.
I'm happy to be getting more work done.


Awesome John!
Keep moving forward :)

Way to keep the focus, John! It's not easy working intermittently, but you're making the best of it. Good self discipline too :)


Thanks, Jorge.
Of everything that could stop my progress, my internet was the last thing I thought about. But... I got a bunch done!

This morning I'm waiting to see if it's going to happen again.


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