My Old Truck Has Turned Grey - Part 2

Last Update: January 30, 2022

Hello WA Friends,

A little while back I posted a blog about my old pickup truck turning grey. The paint had completely peeled off my truck in many places and it looked terrible. Typical Chevy!

Part 1 is linked below for anyone interested in seeing an old paint peeled

While the truck runs great, it needs a bit of improvement to happen to keep it going for me. Driving it is like playing tug of war with the steering wheel because it needs tires pretty bad.

The tires on the truck were bought brand new in 2009 I think, it's due for an

The weather hasn't been too great over the last 3 weeks, too cold for any painting to happen. Just before the weather changed I had been steadily putting in an hour here and there.

The only paper to survive the wind is still hanging on!

I had taped off most of the truck and sanded and primed much of the body as I worked along. There is still one bad hole to fix before it gets any primer put on that part of the truck.

The cover image below when full size shows the hole needing a fix at the door's bottom corner. It's the only one left to work on, the rest is ready for more primer and I have the materials.

The blockhead Jack popped his head in the picture

During the time I was working it began with a slight drizzle one day and bam we got hard rain. The weather deteriorated so bad that much of the tape and paper peeled off the truck.

The windshield was covered by 3 giant pieces of cardboard that had all been taped in place. They ended up in 3 separate pieces against the fence way in the back of my yard.

The roof of the cab is a grey epoxy primer and it will soon get the red primer as well.The hood and sides will also get another coat or two of red primer.

To make matters worse, the day before I had put air in the tires because they were all low. Come morning the driver-side front tire was completely flat and on the ground, it blew.

That created a new problem trying to get the spare down from the mount under the truck. Looked like it hadn't moved since the 1990s, but I finally got the crank down working again.

Then I saw the spare was a larger tire than the set of tires currently on the truck, a fun time! When it rains it pours, the lugnuts did not want to budge and I was worried I'd snap them.

The spare tire is in bad shape, but it should make it to the Tire Kingdom.

Fortunately, I sprayed the lugs with penetrating fluid and waited a day for it to work its magic. The next day I used a 4-way breaker bar with a pipe sleeved over it to break them loose.

Then I changed the tire and went back to the bodywork as I began priming the truck for paint. Now I have most of it primed, but I'm on hold as the weather is not warm enough for paint.

This is the hood and windshield when it's 24 degrees in Florida, there is frost on the ground. The windshield is covered in ice, yikes! The rare occasion I need a windshield scraper in FL.

My firepit is full and it needs to get torched, the weather for that is soon.

Once the weather reaches warmer temperatures I will start to finish up on the primer work. After that, I will make part 3 of this post with the truck completely painted sporting new tires.

Wishing everyone success!


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lesabre Premium
Hi John, worth investing in your truck. They are going up in value every day. I think it looks pretty solid.

All the best,

webcash2us Premium Plus
The funny thing is it's my oldest vehicle and the most reliable.
Hope to have it done in a few weeks weather permitting.

lesabre Premium
Golden oldies.
Zoopie Premium
I thought Florida was always hot, wow 24 degrees no wonder Jack is running around and trying to stay warm. Great plans for the truck too.
webcash2us Premium Plus
In North FL we get some temperature fluctuations but not usually that low. We've had freeze warnings before and the lowest temperature I can remember was 19 degrees.

At daybreak, the temps may go up to the '50s, '60s, or even 70s.
Jack loves the cold weather and he goes spastic in the yard.

This week our temps are back up again and will be in the 70s.
I will get back to working on my truck again after several days off.
Maybe get new shoes for it by next

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
I remember when you posted the first one! Good on you, John! I have a 1995 Dodge Dakota extended cab that I will put some effort into during the summer if my finances, the weather, and my schedule permits!

I love Jack's appearnace in the image! It reminds me of the Blog Dogs' antics!

Global warming perhaps as to cause all the frost? 🙄😹

webcash2us Premium Plus
Jack is a hard one to get a good picture of, he's scared.
He runs if you point a phone towards him to take a picture.

I wish my truck was an extended cab, it feels cramped.
The Dodge Dakota sounds like a great summer project.

Everything I'm doing is cheap except for the new tires.
They will be about 400 bucks when balanced and mounted.

I'm sure a certain faction of society I'm not a part of would scream global warming is the cause my

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
I'm not a part of that faction either, John!

If time and resources permit, I will do that with the Dakota! I picked it up cheap enough!

Kitty does the same thing with a camera that's why most of her images are blurred!

Chris2005 Premium Plus
Repairing and fixing problems with a vehicle is much like getting a post published. You have to plan your work sequence and many hiccups occur during your journey.
You have a great plan for your truck, keep on track.
webcash2us Premium Plus
I agree, John.
We visualize what we want as an outcome and strive for the best.
The hiccups become learning points for future success.