My NY Road Trip Future Plans

Last Update: January 31, 2022

Hello WA Friends,

For years I have made road trips back to New York to visit my entire family. The time is mostly spent reminiscing about past times and we usually go eat somewhere nice.

We also have several BBQs because the weather when I visit is still very nice to enjoy!

Several years back I started to search for properties in upstate NY just out of curiosity. This is something I still do from time to time, and I search from FL going north as well.

My idea was to get something as cheap as possible in a nice desired area of New York. Most people associate the entire state like it's NYC, but I assure you it is not at all like NYC.

One of the close-by farms just up the road from my property.

The entire state of NY is under siege to NYC political antics which angers many New Yorkers. People flee this state because of politics playing games with taxes, rules, and regulations.

These farm or circus animals never

However, in 2016 I decided that I would find a small piece of property to fix up for our visits. When I found the property I liked I made a trip to go see the area, it's 2 hours from family.

So I bought this property outright for pennies on the dollar, and believe me it was cheap.

This is perfect, I can handle a 2-hour drive for visiting and I'm on my land, not in some motel. My family all ask me to stay with them, but I prefer to be on my own and simply visit them.

Traveling with a small horse (Jack) it's best if I stay elsewhere, all my family has animals!

The property I found is very close to the Catskill Mountains and offers tons of outdoor activities.

The mobile home with the white garage is my property.

It fit my criteria, I wanted a small-sized piece of land with some utilities in place working or not. The reason is it grandfathers the utilities and I'm not hit with enormous NYS impact fees.

My property has a tiny creek running along the back that empties into a bigger creek.

All of the creeks empty into the Chenango River which is 90 miles long and a subsidy of the Susquehanna River in central New York state. Both are part of my early fishing days!

There is also a huge forest preserve up the road with free primitive camping, it's pretty nice.

The trailer is what was on the property when purchased, I've since removed it.

Trout fishing is outstanding in the creek and people flock to this river on April 1st (opening day). People call upstate NY picturesque for a reason, it's full of scenery with waterfalls and more.

The creek at the bottom of my property and an old mill station up the road below.

The animal images are of a road near my property that took several days for me to notice.

The animals from a distance all look real until I noticed they never

My property had an old 1970's mobile home on it with no real value whatsoever. Removing that ugly thing was my priority, it had to go as it was well beyond repair.

I demolished the trailer and cleared the lot as best as possible due to the weather at the time.

Next, I fixed the garage up to look better but will do more structurally to it in the future.

The property has an artesian well and an electric pole that will both be updated.

The tiny creek is right behind the garage and runs the entire property line of .17 of an acre.

The tiny creek at the end of my property line empties to the main creek.

The creek runs along the above road and is considered a class A waterway in NY state.

This fishing park is across the main road from me on the creek, it's a really nice park for BBQs.

There are 2 concrete patio slabs from the mobile home and a 2 car concrete driveway.

The driveway is covered with dirt from years of overgrowth and will be found again soon!

This property has sat unattended for years prior to my purchasing, it's a work in progress.

My goal is to keep the garage and do no building and to use it as my private RV lot.

That keeps my taxes very low, which is great because I'm never there much, but I can be.

An RV would look happy on the lot and would have already been there if not for Covid 19.

Everything has been on hold since 2019 when Covid hit us, I'm hoping 2022 is the year!

Have a great week everyone!


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wendyg53 Premium
I live in NYC and went to college in Oneonta, NY. I love upstate but the winters are brutal.

I'm afraid to live in the countryside because I watched too many horror movies as a kid, and they all got bumped off in the middle of nowhere. LOL. I"m stuck with city living which is a different kind of horror show. 🙂 Although the neighborhood I"m in now is very suburban and green.

Good luck with your space. It looks beautiful.
webcash2us Premium Plus
I lived in NYC for a summer in the 1980s, I left there by hitchhiking my way back upstate. I missed the countryside over the city.

The winters are definitely brutal but my primary residence is in FL.

hahaha, that's so true, bumped off in the middle of
Your right, it's always the foggy lake in the middle of nowhere.
The only city one I recall was Jason takes

I may have to watch that one again!

Debbi26 Premium Plus
Hey John. Thank you for making that distinction between NYC and UPSTATE NY. Many don't understand that. Those of us native to UPSTATE NY always make that clear. You couldn't PAY me to live in NYC!!!!

I grew up in Endicott, went to school in Delhi but spent more years in Rome area. Now monthly in the summer/fall, I travel to Camden, NY. Where did you buy? You mention the Chenango River. Are you in the Southern Tier?

My family would love it if I moved back but I just can't for any number of reasons some of which you've already stated. LOL

webcash2us Premium Plus
Oh wow, I used to go to a bar called the Cork and Bottle in Endicott on 17C in the 1980s. That was the first place I had a Spiedi, there was a guy that sold them there outside the bar.

I also went to the Broome County arena for many concerts back in the day. That led me to spend time in Johnson City, Vestal, and Binghamton quite a bit back in those days.

I went to school in Horseheads and Corning, you probably know where they are, and I worked in Elmira. That was many years ago.

This property is south of Camden and Rome, and just North of Norwich. It's near Plymouth which is in Chenango County.
I'm not sure if that is still considered the southern Tier.

My family lives in the Southern Tier, my sister is in Watkins Glen.
My brother is just across the PA line near Waverly/Sayre area.

My primary residence is FL, but summers in NY will be nice.

Debbi26 Premium Plus
WOW. That was a nice trip down memory lane. LOL My dad owned a bar in Endicott when I was growing up. I remember when all the bars grilled/sold speidis outside their bars. They were put on Italian bread and sold for $1. Now when I go back you can't FIND a lamb speidi!!!! That's what they were all made with back in the day.

We had a cottage on Crescent Lake (very small lake) about 1/2 hr away from Endicott. It was like you said-- just over the PA line.

I think you have a great plan!!! NY summers and autumn are very nice.

webcash2us Premium Plus
I must say I would have loved trying a lamb Spiedi.

The Speidi festival still happens every year, probably have some at that festival. I used to go to the Wiffleball tournament

I never thought of trying lamb, everything I got back in the day was chicken or pork. And, venison with some hunting friends.

I've bought the Salamida State Fair Speidi Sauce by the case and had it shipped to me here in FL. Now it's in some stores locally.

Think I need to go to the store and get some lamb and sauce.

I have to try one!

Debbi26 Premium Plus
I've gone to the speidi fest. Wasn't impressed. Lamb is all we used to have! It's very expensive AND hard to find now. My dad would get a leg and cut it up but I'm spoiled.....I want it cut. lol.

Yes, I can't believe they're even selling Lupo's sauce too!!!!! Do you remember Lupos. They're still there.

I get my lamb fix every time I go to NY at a place in New Hartford called Symeons. It tastes just like the speidis but it's called souvlaki. I wonder if speidis orginated in Greece.

webcash2us Premium Plus
I'm not sure where they originated, but the Binghamton area is well known for them as is Central New York state.

I do remember the name Lupos, they must be over 50 yrs in biz.

The lamb in the stores here has all gone way up in prices.
That being the case, I still buy lamb most every month.

It's my favorite!

wideman Premium
I love upstate NY. Many town are only a few miles away from the Long Island Rail Road. You can park at the station and cruise into the city for an evening on the town and quickly get back home.
webcash2us Premium Plus
I grew up in L.I. and moved to upstate NY when I was a teen.
The L.I. Rail Road was close to our house, I took those trains.

My family would visit our relatives in the city by way of L.I.RR.
Once in the city, we'd hop the subways from there.

It was fun!
EHR Premium Plus
I had heard the NY country side was pretty. That certainly proves it. I hope you have many years of pleasure there. Gene
webcash2us Premium Plus
Thanks, Gene.
Yes, I like the beauty part of NY a lot, their politics not so much.
NY has so many rivers and lakes with places to go exploring.
Growing up if I wasn't riding my dirt bike, I was river fishing.
Sometimes I'd camp on Seneca Lake with our boat, fun times!

Isaiah14 Premium
Hi John,

I'm a NY native - born in the Bronx and lived in Yonkers through my first year in college.

Upper New York has actually been on my bucket list, as I've never been any higher north than Pleasantville. I understand that there's some nice countryside up there. I've been wanting to see Niagara Falls too.

Great pictures!

Isaiah 😊
webcash2us Premium Plus
I've been through both the Bronx and Yonkers many times in my travels over the years. I was born and raised in L.I. and my family is all from the city. I usually visit them all when I'm up in NY.

Upstate NY is beautiful and has a lot of great places to spend time. Niagara Falls is awesome, I saw it from both the US and Canada.

I also went to Ripley's Museum on the Canadian side, it was fun. We stood in a fake line for tickets, they were all wax