Learning From Our Mistakes

Last Update: December 18, 2021

Hello WA Friends!

Today I wanted to take a minute to write about failure and success. Everybody experiences both and some use their failures as a tool to turn them into successes.

Having this WA platform to learn from certainly brings about many failures along the way. However, the failures along the way are part of this overall process of learning this business.

When I started with WA I didn't take things seriously and floundered about for quite some time. One day I started the free lessons and by the end of lesson two, I was drawn in wanting more.

After joining premium I set out to complete the OEC training which I did while building a site. Thinking back I made a ton of mistakes and I will make plenty more along this journey.

Once I had completed the training I was somewhat at a standstill with my online business. Immediately I was overwhelmed, I had no idea what to write about or what I should do next.

So, I just started writing, and then I wrote some more, and I continued to write. It was a weird feeling of being in a zone and not wanting to lose that creativity.

It was always hard to get back to that place of content creation again. This caused problems for my daily activities as I was stuck in a mental block of time and space.

While I was presently there it was no different than a kid in school who didn't pay attention. Later he fails the test, gets a zero for not doing homework, and ultimately gets left behind.

I since abandoned my first site but I walked away with a ton of value from my experience.

Having the right mindset has been my biggest problem in WA. It's not just taking things seriously but staying within the parameters of a daily routine that brings my own success.

You can be very knowledgeable having completed all of the OEC training and still be met with failure. Having the knowledge and applying that knowledge is two completely different things.

Having the opportunity to hear the failures of very successful members of WA is priceless. Without a doubt, it helps to know they too failed before their success hit for them.

When people quit they really never grow from that type of failure. Since they choose not to deal with it they ultimately surrender to their own failure. That's Game Over!

They allow themselves an inch and take a mile, this happens to people often when trying to build an online business. Once you cave on your own rules it becomes easy to fail thereafter.

This was a problem I had for some time, I'd make excuses and convince myself it was okay. Technically it was okay because no one will fire me, I just won't do well and procrastinate more.

That's when I really began focusing on my biggest failures and doing something about them. Getting my head around working on here every day and being productive took the front seat.

Today I am doing much better and I no longer get mad, frustrated, or upset with my failures. They are now another lesson to me, I still get value out of the failure and I make them right.

Learn from your mistakes and keep going, success will happen because of your failures. Content is what's most important, without it you have nothing, keep on creating content.

I stopped focusing on analytics, I now focus on content, period. I see so many including myself that get stuck wanting to see traffic, even if it is little to none. It's a big waste of time!

If I had a massive amount of traffic visiting my site I'd look at the metrics. Until that happens, I'll worry about my next post and the next few coming after that one.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Dadaz123 Premium
Hi John, thank you for your inspiring piece. My 2 takeaways from your interesting piece are that we should never give up. We should persevere until we get to the finishing line. Sometimes we are so close to the finish line when we throw in the towel.
Another core message is that we should invest our time and energy in writing posts. Come to think of it, don't they say content is king?
webcash2us Premium Plus
Thanks, Dada.
That's very true, the times people throw in the towel could be when they are right beside success.

I agree that we should persevere but I don't see a finish line, it just keeps going.

Yes, content is king is often mentioned by many in this business.

However, for me, Mindset is king. Getting in that mindset as a daily everyday habit and producing a massive amount of content.

I'm writing more content now as a result.

lakbar12 Premium Plus
This was a great post, John. I definitely can relate to it. I'm sure others can too. You're right we can get side tracked and start focusing on things that don't really matter. Either way I'm happy to hear that you're pushing forward. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

webcash2us Premium Plus
Thanks, Kisha.
For me, it was a huge problem. Not only analyzing everything but losing hours and hours just trying to learn the other platforms.

That was so I can see that no one was visiting my sites...lol
It's all good now.

lakbar12 Premium Plus
You're welcome, John! 😊
Zoopie Premium
A great mindset. Embrace and learn from our failures.
webcash2us Premium Plus
Thanks, Stephan.
I've come to realize since first becoming active on this platform that mindset is number 1. Many say content is number 1 and while I agree content is important, I think the mindset is number 1.
Mindset took me a while to grasp in the beginning.

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Very well said, John!

I'm glad that you have found the place that motivates you, my friend!

Keep up the excellent work!

webcash2us Premium Plus
Thanks, Jeff.

It took a while, but I'm definitely there as far as consistency. You're actually a big part of that reason with your everyday blogs that I try and keep up with.

The fact that I knew I could write content (good or bad) was enough to want to keep going forward. The problem at the time was being able to do that every single day.

The more I attempted the easier it became and what seemed like a mountain to climb became a little hill. New ideas are hitting me at warp speed.

Doing something even if wrong is still lessons learned.

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Wow, John! Very much appreciated, my friend! Always make a note via paper or recording so those ideas don't get away from you, my friend!

Have an excellent Sunday!

ElodieF4321 Premium
Hi first I like your post and the message it carries, never give up always keep pressing on.

I remember watching the movie 9/11, there were some officers stuck below a building. His partners never gave up although it was a lost cause but they called in every help they could and dug until they heard a faint voice calling help, help and they followed the sound until they found their partners,

If they hadn't persevered they would have lived with regret for the rest of their lives.

Thank you.
webcash2us Premium Plus
Thanks, Elodie.
It took me a little while to develop that never give up attitude. There have been times that I wanted to cave but instead drew inspiration from my desire for success. It's much stronger!
Now I accept failure as a challenge for success.