An Advantage Is The Ranks In Google Change Every Day

Last Update: May 01, 2019

It's been a few since I've done a WA post and this one won't be too long, but I wanted to do a blog about low fruit keywords with Jaaxy. I find low keywords often by mistake and when I find them I keep them to use them at a later time.

I keep keywords by using site content, I title new content with the keyword and then I add the Jaaxy numbers on each post, it gives me a choice as to which I want to write next. This has done wonders for my writing, I always have content to write about, I have 20 waiting now.

The keyword I used in Jaaxy for this post was "rank this", I intended to use a pun on the ranking keyword for this post and it paid off with a nice low hanging keyword. The keyword from my phrase that I found on the search was "is the ranks in", it has excellent numbers.

This could be phrased into content a number of ways, one could be in the form of a question or maybe used in an explanation. Working that phrase into content correctly can be challenging, but worth the time if you can make it directly correlate with the subject.

Perhaps it would be used as something like this in some content.

I've often wondered, is the ranks in other search engines done the same way as Googles?

The main point is that finding low keywords is as much luck as it is a knack of finding them. When I search keywords I never look for just one, I search for a bunch and I stock my content. A huge advantage is the ranks in Google change every day as sites compete for authority.

This is where anyone can become ranked over time using these low competition keywords that already produce high traffic in search engines. Below is the best keyword numbers I've found yet, I've found a few with better QSR and SEO numbers, but none matched this one's traffic.

I'm not posting the keyword but these are the Jaaxy numbers that I'm trying to rank with now. 479921 Avg / 81587 Traffic / 82 QSR / 86 SEO - The QSR was 76 when I found this keyword.

Another advantage is the ranks in Yahoo and Bing will still probably land you on a page one or page two rank even if you're not ranking in Google as yet. I'm thinking I may upgrade my Jaaxy in the near future, but I'm going to take SEMrush for a free trial test first.

It's definitely exciting finding keywords, it feels like I've won a prize every

I wish the entire WA community the very best of success.



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Pastordna Premium
Thanks for that sharing.
webcash2us Premium
Thanks Pastor David,
I need to do more blog posts on WA.
I've been slacking on that end of things here.

All The Best
Pastordna Premium
You might have done far better than myself because I've only been able to have posted but once on WA!
PaulREvans57 Premium
Thanks for sharing this, John. This is an eye-opener!
webcash2us Premium
Thanks Paul,
I really like finding new keywords, it's fun.
Eliz65 Premium
It’s so exciting when I can find low hanging fruit in Jaaxy. Awesome keywords! I have noticed that keyword ranking does change too and sometimes quite significantly.
webcash2us Premium
Hi Liz,
I love finding keywords, it's most definitely one of my favorite things to do that's involved with writing my content. The ranking keyword with the traffic in my post had a QSR of 76 when I found that keyword, that was about two weeks ago, it's now 82.
That changed the ranking in Google I'm sure.
Foristain19 Premium
Well John good morning to you and everyone that follow . It is interesting always to gain knowledge on
this business get ahead of everyone else. I am learning more everyday and will continue to make it happen.
Than you, Sincerely yours Carlos, The Yess U Can Man...
webcash2us Premium
Hey Carlos,
Having an edge is what will have you rise above the competition. There's other ways to get traffic, but none of them are better than free targeted visitors right from the search engines.
I'm still learning new things most everyday here at WA.

To Your Success.
DeniseAS Premium
Often when I have a spare 15 min block of time, I sit and play in Jaaxy, and like you, now have a number of low hanging fruit keywords lined up for my next blogs. Sometimes one will lead to another and spark ideas.
Thank you for sharing.
webcash2us Premium
Thanks Denise,
One problem I keep facing is that I always think I can find a better keyword than the one I intend to use. I no longer keep looking, but the thought is still there that I could of used a better keyword.
You are right on the sparking ideas, I find keywords from other keywords that sends me in new directions quite often.

All The Best.