The Google Sandbox: Myth Or Reality?

Last Update: December 24, 2018

All of my content is indexed. But none of it appears to be on page 1 of any of the search engines. (I saw that my About page was ranked #7 in Yahoo for a keyword a few days ago, but not anymore...)

So I have had zero visitors to website in the past 7+ days....

But then again, I haven't gotten to any of the lessons on link building in the Online Entrepreneur Certification training just yet....

So I am curious as to whether the Google Sandbox is real (the hypothetical urban legend that new websites are put on "probabation" and deliberately hidden from :the first 10 pages of Google" for an undisclosed period of weeks or months.... ?

What's your take on the Google Sandbox?

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JerryMcCoy Premium
It takes time for the sandbox to catch up.
EMYGrules Premium
My good friend. Do not worry about it. That really isn't important right now. What you need to do is get more content up by targeting the low hanging fruit. Target keywords with little or no competition and some traffic. Prove to Google that you offer value to your readers and they will start putting you at the top. Give your website a chance and above all, DO NOT LOSE HOPE. Remember. Every time a person says I can't or I quit is the time they have lost. I have felt like giving up many times before because I didn't see the results right away. If I decided to, I wouldn't have made my very first dollar today. Take care friend. Everybody at Wealthy Affiliate is here for you to guarantee your success. Merry Christmas.
Marley2016 Premium
I do not think Google hides anything we are
new to the search engine and no matter what
we do until we age some with them proving we
are going to continue to add quality content to
our websites we get indexed meaning they have
found us but it will take time for us to rank.
That is the hard part the waiting - patience is
a virtue that is something many of us do not
have we want everything yesterday :)
Merry Christmas,