Goodbye Gutenberg, Hello CLassic Editor Plugin

Last Update: December 20, 2018

Ok I decided to give the Gutenberg Editor a try. It actually is't that difficult to get acclamated to it...

But then as I was trying to insert affiliate links into my website (which you can read about my affiliate linking strategy - that includes the use of a bridge page and also the use of an affiliate disclaimer), I noticed that the Gutenberg Editor seems to be a little bit glitchy when adding hyperlinks into a document.

After attempting to troubleshoot the issue, I decided to give up and install the Classic Editor plugin instead. (Apparently this is a known issue that other people ran into as well, when I was Googling it.)

Gutenberg was actually a nice editor... The block concept actually seemed to make sense.

But alas, until they fix this issue, I'm going to have to stick with the Classic Editor for now.

Anyone else experiencing this problem with the Gutenberg editor?

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jetrbby80316 Premium
Nice post Wealth Pilot! Stay away from glitch, you know I am with You!
ExpatMark Premium
Marley2016 Premium
Sorry I tried Gutenberg when they gave us the option to try
it way back when and have not gone back to it since I
installed Classic Editor and plan to keep it that way until
I am forced to give it up :)
RoseAnn1234 Premium
No. I put heaps of links in Gutenberg. I don't do it in site content. I do it in the block itself. Simply highlight the text add the link. Click on the three dots to change the icon to open in new tab, then click on the apply arrow. I have linked to heaps of international posts and page and external website.
WealthyPilot Premium
Ok so it is working fine for you? Very well, you have convinced me to give it one more try. Gutenberg seems to show a lot of promise... But for me, it wasn't saving the links when I added them. I will try again, and report back my results here soon...