Back To Work In 2019!

Last Update: January 07, 2019

My last blog post here was on December 24th... Wow!

My family and I went on a road trip to visit family over December holidays... I actually made it a point to bring my laptop with me, so that I could log onto Wealthy Affiliate in my downtime and continue my Online Entrepreneur Certification training, and continue posting my blogs.

But alas, I wasn't able to... Between 35 hours of total round-trip driving (spread out over several days) and visiting with family, I wasn't able to get much done.

I did manage to subscribe to and listen to a couple of different affiliate marketing podcasts while on the road, so at least I was able to stay "in tune" with affiliate marketing while I was on the road.

Now I'm back... and ready to "get back in the drivers seat" with affiliate marketing.

I wanted to make a New Years Resolution to publish one article every day, spend 2 hours per day on affiliate marketing, etc. But I've already busted that...

I figured that making a "New Years Resolution" cold turkey doesn't work unless you adopt a serious of lifestyle changes and develop new habits... which takes a great deal of planning, premedition, and discipline.

I spent an hour writing one article yesterday, adding images, bridge page links, and interlinks to it, from start to finish.

Today I spent time going through the next training video lesson, on review pages.... Interestingly, the bridge page I had created as per one my previous lessons, was already written in the form of a review page.

So I'm good to go for today, and ready to move on to the next lesson.

I intend to put in 2 hours per day, at least 5 to 7 days per week, and start earning my first dollar in 2019.

I intend to reach an initial, first-stage goal of $100 per day / $3,000 per month online by Decemer 2019.

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smartketeer Premium
Welcome back Hyder!

Awesome goals!

Pedal to the metal!
beachwood Premium
These are realistic goals and easily attained with what you will or have learned here at Wealthy Affiliate. Go get em!