Willing to start over

Last Update: December 01, 2020

Willing to start over after being out in the cold world for 7 years. I spen a lot of money and did not get much for it . I am so happy that Kyle reached out to me. And let me come back this is some of the best training I have ever found and I tried a lot of differant ones. I am going to work at this for as long as I can being 88 years old you never know. I expect to make this to work for me this time as this is by far the best help you can get in this bussiness. I have trouble asking for help but hope to overcome that problum here.



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Debbi26 Premium
Welcome back. This will keep you young.

wdeal11 Premium
Thank You I am young only 88 years old
jghwebbrand Premium
We are so glad you came back. Sorry for the lost of time and money during the past seven years.

So good to hear your testimony that this is the best place to learn how to own a website, add content and make money.

In the past sever years Wealthy Affiliate has made some great changes for the better. We have been here over 10 years and are so impressed with Kyle and Carson. They truly care about WAers success.

Our community has grown a lot and the means by which you can connect with the community and get help has increased so very much. At the end of each lesson is a comments section where you can ask questions as well as in live chat and the community forum.

We are just so excited to have you hear.

We do wish you a lot of success. Remember ask if you don't understand something.. We all like to see others succeed.

The best to you.
wdeal11 Premium
You are so right about the changes here all seam for the better so far and now I just need to work
RoseLee2020 Premium
Hats off to you! You're an inspiration!

I wish you all the success in life and in this business!~^

Rose 💕