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December 01, 2020
Willing to start over after being out in the cold world for 7 years. I spen a lot of money and did not get much for it . I am so happy that Kyle reached out to me. And let me come back this is some of the best training I have ever found and I tried a lot of differant ones. I am going to work at this for as long as I can being 88 years old you never know. I expect to make this to work for me this time as this is by far the best help you can get in this bussiness. I have trouble asking for help b
I started out the Level 1 course about a week ago I completed it in 4 days but this was my second time around so not very impressive but it got done it is 3 days later and level 2 course is completed this was my First time doing it I have learned a lot in a short time but again I have been trying to work on line for over three years about the only is that nothing is for free I am a premium member now and expect to stay one as I go forward but one thing is for sure don't GIVE UP keep trying I
I just rejoined the premium membership and will make this work this time around I have been trying to build an online business for years with out success but I have been trying to do it for Free I now have a budget that will work so I can work to learn what I need to do. I found out that if you join for free where will the money come from to pay you Well I hope to start over at the start and build from there. This is hard to do as you get older and set in your ways but it can be done check me