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Today is the Day we set aside all over the world to Remember and Honor those who gave their all for what they believed in. My Father was at IOW JIMA. My Brother and Paid our respect to POP at his Grave.Here in the US we Honor our Veterans today in many ways as do people all over the World by : placing a Flag or Flowers on our absent relatives and friends graves sites; Ceremonies to respect their service; a prayer in our faith;and many other ways as their Heart and traditions dictate. For mysel
Happy 240th Birthday to all of my Fellow US Marines. (That's Uncle Sam's Misguided Children). It was my Honor to have served. To my absent friends, "Stand your post and I'll relieve you in time". William :)
November 05, 2015
Well I finished my 3 months as a WA student and just completed the all of the classes. Still working on Affiliate Bootcamp and about to go back thru the classes again to pick up what I missed. No referrals yet but I still am not up to speed on the social platforms and am slow at creating posts on my 3 web sites. I do something every day and will continue until the surprise sales come in, LOLI just wanted to create this note to thank everyone who has helped me so much here in the community!Willi
If so then I need you to read my post at: either comment on my post page or give me your thoughts and recommendations here!Thanks William:)
I'm sure Shakespeare won't mind But some days I just get confused. I have a check list to follow but by the time I get to item 3 I'm off course! I want to promote my sites; I need to write more posts on my sites; I need to expand my network; I need answer comments and Questions; I need a DRINK! LOLThis WA community is so great and the depth of ideas is so over whelming, Heck just reading Tony Hamilton's stuff and ideas can take up the morning, LOL (no offense Tony)Almost to the 3 month marker h
I just created a new post on my web site and would love both comments here on recommendations and comments on the post page that are content related so I can get better search ratings. Thanks for your likes and help :)
Tell me how you found Wealthy Affiliate and why you join wealthy affiliate at that time? For Me; I searched for a question on whether or not a work at home site was a scam and found a very compelling article written by a successful WA member. That article convinced me that while I was very comfortable online and with web site construction, I really needed training on the business itself. How about you?
The Banner for Starter-Premium Chart under your Banners tab lists unlimited sites! I Think this is an error and we are entitled to 25 Free .SiteRubix sites and 25 of our own sites.That being said I edited a Starter-Premium chart to reflect the current numbers and you are welcome to copy and paste this one for your use, you will have to add you Wealthy Affiliate link to it.Hope this helps :)William
I just don't know how I'm going to write 50 posts for each of my 4 web sites when it takes me a whole day just to write one! I am so focused on good content that it's hard to bang them out and still want to put my name on them. Today's effort was: of my websites are in my niche of energy savings for commercial and residential folks. I know I will build content on those but the Wealthy Affiliate site is hard
As you may have heard, we received 6 days of heavy rain in South Carolina due to a unique set of slow moving weather pressure systems funneling continuous Rain Bands into us. I live 10 miles in land from the Ocean and Myrtle Beach in a remote swamp and wooded area. I love it, or I did until last week. I still love it here but wow, what a week. You see out of town, we are still only 15 feet above sea level and all of the rivers and drainage must pass thru us to get to the Ocean! Also most of us