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December 15, 2014
Is OCD Your Problem? OCD “Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder”… and that disorder is a Common-Problem for most folks. THE “OCD” - RITUAL Is your RITUAL something like: Check your Emails, Twitter, Facebook, Voice Mails, Text Messages? That kind of OCD Ritual is a ‘To-Do-List’ that other folks have for you. You have given 'Them' "The Power" to control your OCD Ritual & 'Purpose'. You should have your own OCD Ritual – To-Do-List – Agenda. Break free from ‘Their’ Agenda &
December 14, 2014
The Buyer’s Journey: The classic ‘Sales Funnel’ illustrates the ‘Buyer’s Journey’. The beginning point is all the ‘Unaware Folks’. ‘They’ may be Unaware ‘They’ have a Problem or Desire. ‘They’ may also be Unaware that a Solution exists. And ‘They’ are most certainly Unaware of you. The first step is to get ‘Their’ Attention & start the ‘Attraction Process’ by using Social Media and Search Engines. (This involves building ‘The Audience’.) Next
December 13, 2014
Targeted Traffic Tips: SEO is creating content desired by a specific audience and then using social media to publicize it, in order to rank well in search engines. Google looks for “signals” that people like content before they’ll rank it, and that involves social media distribution. 'Naturally Obtained' links are what Google loves. The content with the most natural links wins with Google. What drives traffic, from both social media and from search engines is a 'BRAND' established by a We
December 13, 2014
Your Website’s Mission The Influential Power of Websites: What do you want to accomplish with your Site? (Purpose) How do you plan to accomplish that ‘Goal’? (Influence) -“Purpose” = The ‘Desired Result’ or ‘Goal’. *** What you want to accomplish. -“Influence” = Sway folks to take a ‘Desired Action’. *** Obvious attempts to persuade are less persuasive than ‘Subtle-Forms-Of-Influence’. *** Produce ‘Content’ that contains these ‘Subtle-Forms
December 12, 2014
Follow-Up To Being A Pro Things to consider & decisions that only you can make: If you can put yourself inside the mind of the other person and consider & decide from 'Their' point-of-view, you will be on the correct path. When you evaluate a website (yours or someone else's) the important question is: "What is the PURPOSE of this site?" You can have different Sites with different Purposes. If a Site has too many Purposes, confusion results and little or no action will be taken. This
December 12, 2014
Become a “Pro” - Business Success depends on being a ‘Media-Pro’ not a Salesperson or Marketer. - The “Pro” is the Powerful, Secure, Respected & Highly Paid person that produces the Success using the Media (Internet). - The ‘Media-Pro’ has a set of his own Rules & Techniques. He understands and ‘Decodes’ the ‘Hidden Code’ (of how things work). - The most basic principle of ‘Media-Success’ is attracting & engaging the correct ‘Online-Audience’. - The a
December 11, 2014
Essential Marketing Tools: Make You Website An "Authority Hub". What & How To Promote On Your ‘Hub Site’: - Your Reputation is affected by ‘What’ & ‘How’ you Promote. Select wisely. Focus on ‘Reader Trust’. - The Promotional Strategy & Frequency will determine Success. Make it 95% Good Content & 5% Promotion. - Don’t allow 3rd Party Ads (Adsense) on your Site. Affects Your Reputation. - Only promote something you own: A Product / Service, Your Newsle
December 10, 2014
Create "Cookie Content" That Your ‘Tribe’ Wants to Read Do you subscribe to email newsletters? I subscribe to lots of them but don’t read them all. But I keep them in a folder for later reference. How I decide which ones to read is what these ‘WikiTips’ is about: Treat Your ‘Tribe Members’ Like Dogs ‘They’ respond to positive reinforcement. When ‘They’ do something you like, give ‘Them’ a Reward. ‘They’ will continue trying to please you. Creating Rewarding Cont
December 08, 2014
Membership – Why Pay? Membership has its privileges. How does ‘American Express’ sell a credit card with high annual fees & that must be paid-off in full every month? The answer is ‘privileges’ and very good customer service plus buyer protection. It’s an elite product with an emotional sense & enjoyment of ownership & prestige. You can do the same thing with your business; create a desire in your customers for the privilege of becoming a member? Membership satisfies ma
Content Marketing - Paid & Free: What is it & how is it used? Content Marketing is using your knowledge & expertise (or someone else’s) and building a business around it. Content Marketing can be used to: 1. Attract Attention and build a Reputation 2. Market a product or service 3. Create a business with Paid Content, (Ebooks, Home Study Courses & Membership Sites). 4. Or a combination of all of the above REPUTATION: - You can create a Good Reputation by providing ‘