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“Content-Marketing-Code” Content is the Driving-Force for your Business. It establishes your ‘Brand’ & ‘Identity’. ‘Content Marketing’ has many moving parts: (Blog Posts, Email Autoresponders, White Papers, Social Media, Conversion, Landing Pages, Search Optimization, etc.). All of those components need to be organized… like a ‘Content Map’. And the ‘Purpose’ of each component must be establishes… (h
December 30, 2014
Your “Short Script”: Are you prepared & know what you’re going to say, without stumbling-around? This is not you ‘Full Story’. It is the short one you use for: > Responding when people ask what you do. > Introducing yourself to new people. > Your ads, flyers, business cards, emails & email signatures. · Use ‘Picture Words’ to describe the ‘Problem or Desire’ that caused you to seek & find a ‘Solution’. Describe the ‘Before’ & ‘After’. ·
December 29, 2014
The Power of Authority We all have been brainwashed since childhood to respect & trust authority figures (with lab coats, uniforms, titles & certain ‘Posture’). This feeling of obedience stays with us forever, whether we really agree or not. We can ‘Cash-In’ on this feeling of Authority, especially where money is involved. The decision-making parts of our brains often shut down when we encounter authoritative advice. That’s the Power of Authority. ‘They’ respect authori
Translate Ideas Into Offers In order to have something to sell, you must Plan, Create & Launch. You must move from Ideas to Offers. •Stop procrastinating •Avoid “thinking so big” that it stops progress •Learn what to do when feeling stuck •Overcome fears •Create Offers that help ‘Them’ with ‘Their’ goals ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Folks either want to move towards pleasure or away from pain, towards a goal or away from disaster. When an ‘Away-From-Person’ starts feeling
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December 26, 2014
MVP or MVA, Which First You may already have a ‘MVP’ (Minimum Viable Product) but first you need a ‘MVA’ (Minimum Viable Audience). It’s a mistake to create a Product, and then search for an Audience. Always begin by building the audience (‘MVA’ – Minimum Viable Audience) first. Use your ‘MVA’ as a Resource to determine: - What problems do 'They' have? - How can you help 'Them' succeed? - etc. Then build your ‘MVP’ around ‘Their’ Desires & Needs. You wi
December 26, 2014
Harness the Power of Email Steps to Harness the Power of Email: In addition to building your Social Media Following & doing regular Blog Posts, use email properly as a ‘Business-Building-Tool’. Focus on growing and engaging your Email List to turn blog readers into repeat visitors & customers. Add ‘Them’ to your Autoresponder. Here are four steps: Step 1: Hook ‘Them’ with a “bribe” to get ‘Them’ on your List. A report is the most common incentive. Don’t ask ‘The
December 22, 2014
CHAT ROOMS “Live Chat” has many ‘Pros’ BUT it also has some ‘Cons’. It would be great if we could have "Individual ‘Static’ “Chat Rooms”. I could send you an invite to join me & a few other members to discuss certain Topics. Or you could drop-by & leave a comment or question in the ‘Room’ for us to give Feedback or converse about. There is a (Paid) Service available for such ‘Private-Chat-Rooms’ but it would be a great Benefit to add to WA. That Service is av
December 22, 2014
MENTORS and FOLLOWING It's good to have a Mentor or a few Mentors. A Mentor is someone that Knows things you don't know. The best Mentor you can have is 'Yourself'. When you convert 'Unknowns' into 'Knowns' you become your own Mentor. Hopefully you understand about: KNOWNS = The things you know. UNKNOWNS = The things you don't know. KNOWN UNKNOWNS = The things you realize that you don't know. UNKNOWN UNKNOWNS = The Unknowns you're unaware of. *** FOLLOWING *** I only 'Follow' folks that can hel
December 22, 2014
WRITING STYLE OK, for some constructive criticism… don't get your feeling hurt. The first, easiest & most beneficial improvement you can make in your writing style is to use more ‘white-space’. What does that mean? Instead of filling a whole page with one or two paragraphs (all run together) with several topics within a paragraph, have several paragraphs that have only one sentence with only one topic in each. Plus have as few words per sentence as possible. Write the way you would ta
December 19, 2014
IF MY WEBSITE IS SO GREAT, HOW COME THERE’S NO REVENUE? Is there a “Hidden-Code” to this ‘Internet Business’ thing? Is a ‘Great Website’ just part of the “Hidden-Code” (‘Puzzle’)? My Mentor said the other half of the ‘Puzzle’ involves Psychology like: Know your Audience: (Who-What-When-Where-WHY & How) ·Who ‘They’ are - ·Where ‘They’ hangout - ·What ‘They’ want or need - ·“Why” ‘They’ want it (include the ‘Becauses’ with the ‘Why