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January 23, 2015
WA Success Survey [ Just Copy & Paste You Answers In The Comments ] 1. = [your answers] 2. = [your answers] etc. More than one answer per question is OK. ……………… Below is a list of Topics that I frequently receive questions about. I have Posted 75 Blog-Posts on my Profile at: Most of the Topics are covered within those 75 Posts. You can add to this List, if you have a Topic of interest to be covered. The most frequent Thread of
Content-Marketing-Goals: [ Prescript #1 ] Really successful Folks don’t need me or what I have to offer, BUT... If you are just beginning, you may benefit from a good foundation. If you’ve been at it for quite a while without success, this may be why. Especially, if you’ve done the ‘Techie’ stuff without success, here’s why. There are many, more important parts of the puzzle to decode. [ Prescript #2 ] If you have not read the previous Post, do that before continuing: htt
January 14, 2015
Tasks, Goals & Success How will Success be determined & recognized? What Goals must be reached to achieve Success? What Tasks must be performed to reach the Goals? Assuming the Goal of ‘Financial Success’ with an ‘Internet-Business’, what are the ‘Tasks’ needed to reach that ‘Goal’? Since there are many ‘Tasks’ that must be performed & accomplished, a ‘Process’ is required. A ‘Map’ of the ‘Process’ would be good for guidance. -At least a ‘Beginni
January 13, 2015
Modern-Email-Marketing For Leads & Conversions For Online Marketing & Content Marketing, E-mail marketing is still the most critical and highest converting discipline. How you get people to sign up has changed. ‘Free’ is no longer enough to build your ‘List’. ‘They’ are much more skeptical & less trusting about giving out ‘Their’ email addresses. But, due to Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), ‘They’ are accustomed to “Registering” for Access. The Old
January 12, 2015
CONJECTURE: This is how it is, because this is how it has always been OR is it possible there’s another way, maybe even a better way? Thinking outside the box is a metaphor for thinking differently, unconventionally, creatively or from a new perspective. A different style, technique, method, system, process, approach, trend, tactic, strategy or plan that is: unique, unconventional, abnormal, atypical, uncommon, exceptional, unusual, deviant, unorthodox, unrestricted or visionary. We will illu
January 08, 2015
25 Basic Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Modifier Keys = Shift, Control, Option & Command Command + C = Copy Command + V = Paste Command + X = Cut (removes from Document & is on Clipboard) Command + A = Select all the content of a Document or Webpage Command + Z = Undo (do it multiple times to go back several steps) Command + Shift + Z = Redo (multiple times goes forward several) Command + Tab = Switch Programs Command + ~ = Cycle thru all the open Documents Command + W = Close a Window or a Tab
Building A ‘Digital-Commerce’ Biz Know your Audience: (Who-What-When-Where-Why & How) ·Who ‘They’ are - ·Where ‘They’ hangout - ·What ‘They’ want or need - ·“Why” ‘They’ want it (include the ‘Becauses’ with the ‘Why’) ·‘When’ the time is right for ‘Them’; (On ‘Their’ schedule – not yours) ·AND NOW FOR THE “HOW”: - Get ‘Their’ Attention by Creating-Great-Content - Make it available with an Effective Distribution Method - Ca
January 05, 2015
Hard Sell vs. Soft Sell Almost everyone wants to avoid ‘Hard Sell’. ‘Hard Sell’ is appropriate ONLY when you have just one single opportunity to close an Offer. ………………. “Content Marketing” & “Newsletters” provide for Soft Selling The Purpose of your ‘Content Marketing’ & ‘Newsletter’: - Get Repeat Business & Referrals - Sell more products & higher priced products - Establish your expertise - Educate ‘Them’ - Persuade ‘Them’
Become ‘Their’ Habit: Be Desirable: Cause ‘Them’ to look forward to hearing from you. Become part of ‘Their’ RODA (Routine-Of-Daily-Activity). Why use an Autoresponder? - To immediately Welcome All New Folks & make a good 1st impression - To do good, timely follow-ups - To show that you care about ‘Them’ & ‘Their’ Problems & Desires - To build ‘The Relationship’ (Know-Like-&-Trust) - To show your expertise - So
Rethink-Content-Marketing Revise Your Content Marketing Strategy to Attract & Retain. Your Content should be what ‘They’ want & look forward to receiving. ‘They’ will remain loyal & Refer others to you. This is how-to-think about a ‘Content-Marketing Strategy'. It should have only One Purpose & Strategy (Building-Your-List). All activities (tweets, posts, articles, etc.) should support a business goal. Your primary business goal should be to build an audience.