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November 25, 2016
Wouldn’t it be interesting if Authors would do a self-evaluation of their writings before publishing? And then allow readers to do the same evaluation, for comparison purposes. When you write something (a blog, an article, an eBook, etc.), do you consider: => What’s the value or benefit to the reader? => Is what I am writing just a waste of the reader’s time? => Is the reader really interested in what I am writing (my weather, pets, vacation, health, etc.)? I read
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November 22, 2016
YOUR SHIP CAME INWhy Are You At The Airport?You have been waiting, all your life, for Your-Ship-To-Come-In… and it has, BUT. You are always at the Airport. Do you need me to tell you, what to do, before it sails away? There was a ship named, "Wikipedia" that sailed into the “Encyclopedia-Bay” and nobody notice… they were at the Airport. One “Wiseman-Named-Amazon” noticed that his Ship had come in. Mr. Amazon realized that he could reproduce everything that
November 14, 2016
Everything happens for a reason. There are universal laws (called CODES) that determine how things works.If you accumulate, understand & implement these Codes in the proper sequence, you can DeCode the Codes & obtain Success. The ‘Gravity-Code’ was decoded, which resulted in Successful ‘Flight'.The Law or Code that most impacts your career and finances is the Law/Code of Evolution. As Darwin wrote,“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the mos
November 05, 2016
Epic Content Steps: Epic Content is the “Holy-Grail" of the Blogosphere — highly sought after but rarely achieved. You need a reliable process that cuts through the noise and rescues your readers from their pain and frustration. The following is a guide for epic content. It’s a proven blueprint for creating content that’s ten times better than the competition. Here are the 10 steps to follow:#1 - IDENTIFY the pain points of your ideal reader & provide a solution. =&
October 26, 2016
If you are an Author of Blogs, Articles, eBooks or any kind of Writings, these are Tools you should know-about & use.Go to: evaluate it - pick & choose what you like & let me know what you think,Wally Wiki
Anticipations That Disappoint We get disappointed in ourselves, in others & in outcomes.The question is: Why?Disappointment is an internal feeling that does not originate from external sources.All disappointment comes from the same source. It is self-manufactured internally. It’s our emotional response to an EXPECTATION. We attach expectations to most things in life; thus, we are vulnerable to disappointment.Positive expectations are the source of joy & happiness.Negative expectat
June 18, 2016
IDEA-EXCHANGE:You know things that I don’t know &I know things that you don’t know.What-If we setup an “Idea-Exchange”?You suggest things that I might want to know &I’ll suggest things that you might want to know.As an example of something I might suggest for you:> “EVERNOTE”> You may not be familiar with Evernote or> You may not know some tips about how to use EvernoteGo to these 2 YouTube addresses & see if it’s of interest:
June 15, 2016
WA Early Adopters?The “ERA” of the 21st Century:Consider the “ERAs” we have gone through:> The ‘Horse & Buggy Era’ > The ‘Printing Press Era’> The ‘Industrial Revolution Era’> The ‘Computer Era’> The ‘Mouse & Keyboard Era’ vs ‘Touch Screen & Touch Pad’> The ‘Information Era’ [Google vs The Yellow-Pages]> The ‘Internet Era’> And many others**
April 26, 2016
SELL YOUR IDEAS THE STEVE JOB’S WAY:> Passion is everything… you can’t inspire, unless you are inspired.> Appeal to ‘their’ heart before ‘their’ brain > Human Brains crave Meaning before Details… Big Picture before Details.> First, introduce the PROBLEM that you are solving.> Think of ‘The Problem’ & ‘The Solution’ as the ‘Villian’ & the ‘Hero’ of your ‘Story’.>
April 03, 2016
I've shared lots of things here on WA that I thought were great but I didn't get much feedback. I think most of you will like this one. Caleb Maddix is just 14 years old yet he has a 6-figure business!! (you can also watch this on Facebook here... - many "adults" are hating on Caleb and his success just because he's "too young".... wait till you hear what Caleb has to say about the