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December 05, 2017
Your preference?#1 - Solving “Unknown, Unknowns” OR#2 - Discovering “Known, Knowns” that aren’t so.Explanation: “Unknown, Unknowns” are things that you are unaware of, that you don’t Know. “Known, Knowns that aren’t so” are things that you believe, but that are untrue.It seems that both would be valuable.Which do you think would be the most valuable?
Does anyone know how to create a unique, secure, memorable password?How do you obtain the most hacker-free, secure password?How do you remember the passwords you have generated for each site?Do you have a good SOLUTION to the password PROBLEM? Wally Wiki
So, how do I put a stop to this?
February 19, 2017
Do you know someone that can create a WP Plugin?How would you proceed, if you had a great idea for a WP Plugin?Would you partner with someone to build it?Do you know someone that is techie enough to build a Plugin?Wally Wiki
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January 17, 2017
Are you an employee?That’s another way of asking if you have a Job or are part of the JOB Market.A more important question is: "do you know anyone that is not an employee”?An employee is a person that relies on a Job as the primary source of income… a salary.I’ve been trying to determine the proper name for those that are not Employees.The best I can come-up with is Entrepreneurs… they have a unique, unusual DNA & leave a Legacy.Of the thousands of people you
January 06, 2017
“Stop relying on a job."This may sound like odd advice because our educational system is designed to catapult us up the corporate ladder. Most students begin their advanced studies with the goal of getting a job. The problem is, full-time jobs are both insecure and risky. Companies no longer make promises of financial security to today’s workforce. There are three specific reasons to stop looking for a job. The first is that full time jobs are disappearing. The private sector once c
January 01, 2017
The problem is that data, information, and value propositions are not enough to sell innovative products. We all know the saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” But when it comes to innovation, the truth is often “I’ll see it when I believe it.” To sell your idea to buyers, and users, you have to change not only what they think, but how they think. Without the right "Mental Model", they won’t see the problem, understand the benefits, or make the chang
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December 08, 2016
What is the best location for a Blog?Should a Blog have its own Domain & dedicated Site?Or should a Blog be a Subdomain of your main Site?Or should a Blog just be part of the Navigation Bar of your main Site?What are the Pos & Cons of each?
December 05, 2016
There is a Code that explains most things.Most things have a Code that provides Understanding & Success.Most Codes can be Decoded.Some Codes consist of only a few Puzzle-Pieces.Other Codes consist of an infinite number of Puzzle-Pieces.The more Puzzle-Pieces that are Mastered, the more complete the Decoding.The more complete the Decoding, the more complete the Mastering…Success.It is important to know which Codes you want/need to Decode.Most Codes have already been Decoded.It is impo
November 28, 2016
CAN WE TALK? CAN WE BUILD A RELATIONSHIP?How do we build a Relationship & what do we talk about? In the beginning, should the Topics be something important & meaningful and save the “small-talk” (weather, pets, etc.) for later. It is human-nature to have the mindset of “What’s-In-It-For-Me”. What-If, we develop a mindset of “What’s-In-It-For-You & Me”? Maybe we could start-off by exchanging some basic information, like: => Who we a