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December 07, 2015
Well, I'm one month in here at WA. It's Monday morning and at the moment, right this second I'm feeling a little discouraged. I have a .com website, an about me page, a privacy policy page, and one other page with content, (about 1000 words), and I have 3 other pages with no content yet. For whatever reason I also have a page, that doesn't appear on my list of pages, that appears to be related to posts but does not show up on my website as a sub heading like something marked "Home" Now, I
November 30, 2015
Just wanted to pass this along to all of you who are thinking of getting your own domain. I was just over at Name-Cheap and it seems that they are having a Cyber Monday deal going on. I just typed in the name I would like for mine and it came up as available and at HALF the price it was last week. Was $14 -15 CAD now is $7.85/year and it's a .com as well. Can't pass that up. Go for it. And don't forget to add on the free security so people, scammers, don't get your info. Just a heads
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November 28, 2015
Well people, after much thought and a much needed OK from my "Awesome Better Half" I have now UPGRADED TO YEARLY!!! WooooHoooo! This is huge, NOW I don't have to worry about paying that huge $49 USD payment every month, NOW I truly can work at my own speed, NOW I can be truly committed to determining my future and making it better for both me and my Awesome Wife, NOW I have endless training for a whole year, and I am convinced I really can do this. Man, it feels good to have that weight lift
November 27, 2015
What's on my mind? Well, how do I put this?I spent some time typing in content for a page on my website yesterday, about 2 1/2 - 3 hours worth of work, and THOUGHT I was doing a good job of updating and saving what I had done. Well, guess what, I DIDN'T, and I after I checked out what it looked like on the actual page, I went back to do more I found that all of what I had typed for that segment was GONE!!! About 400 words, and a couple of pictures, had just vanished into, I don't know, what
November 21, 2015
16 days in. I have a website with about 5 pages. My "About Me"... has content, my "Privacy Page"... has content, (OOOH! That was easy., the easiest page I will ever create.So, now what?Well, I have to start creating content for the OTHER pages I have published.I was on the internet last night just doing some research of other sites that were along the same idea as my niche, you know, looking for good stuff to learn. At first I was getting a little depressed because most of
November 14, 2015
Last night I was sitting on the couch watching one of our favorite programs and trying to keep up with all the new posts and notices that were coming from WA. After a while I started to think, "Can I really do this?" There just seems like there is so much to do and I think I was starting to get into my own head with this self-talk.I suppose this happens to a lot of us when we start a new adventure, job, career or? It kind of reminds me of when I was 50. I had just lost a job due to Gov. cutba
November 11, 2015
Hi everyone. My name is Wayne and I'm 66 years old. I thought I was doing OK. I was 65 and I had good job as a spray finisher for a custom cabinet company. I was making $26/hr, had a 10 min. commute to and from work, no mortgage. But, through circumstances, some of which were in my control, (like saving enough for retirement), and some that weren't, (like back and neck issues which are much better NOW), I ended up not having enough money for my wife and I to retire comfortably and now I am n