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January 24, 2018
When I got Kyle's initial post about joining him and being personally mentored by him, I was a little skeptical about my capabilities considering my propensity to procrastinate and my lack of commitment to my sites. But, Kyle's post has renewed some energy in me and hope that I thought was probably gone.I thought about it for a few days leading up to the 17th and I thought, "What have i got to loose?" So, I sent back a response and told Him that I was ready to to commit to being part of his
I've been reading all the short blogs from people wishing everyone a Great Christmas and I just want to send out My wishes and hopes that all of my followers have, indeed, had an amazing Christmas as you have spent time with family and friends and, in many cases, have remembered what others, like myself, also celebrate at this time of year.This is such a special time of year.I also hope that this time will be a time of refreshing and renewal of energy as well as renewed excitement for the New
November 23, 2017
I haven't done very good keeping up here but just thought I would give a little update anyway.It's been an interesting few weeks what with Black Friday coming up and trying to get prepared for that and continue writing content AND try to get some training in as well.It's been a bit of a struggle in the area of content but I did get two more posts written and published. the last one was for the WA BF sale. So glad that Kyle and the rest of the crew have done so much work behind the scenes and
November 09, 2017
Every night, before my wife and I shut off the lights, we read a devotional together and last nights devotional hit a particular spot with me concerning the dreams we all have here at WA. So, I thought I might pass this along and see what you think. This story is about a fellow named Monty Roberts. Monty owns a ranch in California and is the son of an itinerant horse trainer who traveled to farms and ranches training horses. As a result, Monty's high-school career was continually interrupt
11 comments is the day that I started putting my stuff out there on the social networks starting with "Linkedin".This is what I wrote:Hi. My name is Wayne, owner of and I have a question for you.Have you ever wanted to start an Online Marketing business or looking to supplement your income? You have little or no experience on how to make it happen and your wondering where the best place is to get the right training without spending your life savings. Check out my #1 recommen
12 comments far so good, I have been able to spend time almost every day on this training program and have completed two more blogs for my WA website. I have also just completed Phase 2 lesson 5 and have started lesson 6. Time to write another post, perhaps something on "Niches" I think. Step by step I can see little successes. It excites me. I can feel it in me, like some kind of energy you feel when you know you have accomplished something. I'm sure many of you have felt this as well.It's
September 14, 2017
I've been working hard to get another post finished for my WA site and could use some feedback. I hope this is legal. Here's the link hope it works.
September 13, 2017
If you put in some effort it can happen to you as well. What am I talking about? I became a member of the top 200 which means that I have been active enough to earn a new badge here at WA.While that accomplishment is significant I don't know that it's warranted as I don't feel that I really deserve it for any other reason than I have been busy on my website and going through the "Bootcamp" training and leaving a few comments on other peoples posts, mostly offering encouragement a
Well, I'm a few days late getting this out because my awesome wife and I are away for a few days of rest and rest at or favorite spot in north west Washington state. However, I have tried to get to WA as much as possible and have been working on a new post for my WA site. I have finished Bootcamp Phase 1 and almost 2 lessons of Phase 2. We will be back home tomorrow and will be pressing on to build the WA website.I did post another blog last week and made it through a couple of more lessons wh
August 26, 2017
On the 17th of this month I started the first phase 1 of "Bootcamp". I have one website and, on the 18th I started to build my second. Amazing! The name of the new website is, have three pages and three posts already and I am excited about the possibilities moving forward. At one point during this process, I was thinking that I should have pursued "Bootcamp" to begin with. Now I'm thinking that building a niche website May have been the better option because I now h