What's your favorite video editing software for windows 10?

What's your favorite video editing software for windows 10?

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Video Marketing

I just got a new Windows 10 PC and need to get some video editing software. On the Mac I use Screenflow which is great. What do you like for Windows 10?

I don't have one.

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As long as all my equipment is not quite super so I content myself with screenshot o magic

I use Camtasia Studio. It's a bit pricey for beginners but it's well worth it if you make lots of videos. A lot depends on the type of videos you make - talking head, over-the-shoulder (screencasts). Leo Emery is going to create a series of training on making videos He's the man when it comes to videos :)


I have just upgrade to window's 10 and still figuring it out, so not got that far yet

What do you use now for video editing?

I have not done my own video's as yet but am looking at camtasia they are offering a free trial have made a small video just images and music from biteable.com

Wayne where have you been?
I have only just installed win10 still navigating it's features look's good so far

I've been using Macs for many years but I just bought a custom built gaming pc from one of my clients. Having fun with Windows 10

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Is anyone doing wordpress hosting on amazon aws?

Is anyone doing wordpress hosting on amazon aws?

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Website Development & Programming

I'm looking at setting up a wordpress site on Amazon AWS/EC2 using Webuzo by Sofaculous.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Hi Wayne
You are looking 10 years younger :O))
Please do a video on it all, I am a bit lost as to what you are all talking about thanks :O))

Welcome back Wayne. Testing the waters with that question, eh? Yes I have, with my programmer partner in a joint venture. Great with Mac Developer on Safari. Less expensive than a c-panel, because there is none! ha. You can use Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal. And you can go public, private clouds or AWS. Many .org's and .edu's now using. ^_~

Thanks I've setup a site on AWS using an Amazon CloudFormation template with Amazon RDS I can also add load balancing if I want. It's some cool stuff and super fast so far. Just getting the core stuff setup now. Best of all I can pay as I go for services I use and I can scale it as much as I want.

Hi wayne --New pic. cool man --LOl Hope all is well?

I did hear one person who did it back but can't remember who.

Coach Ed

Thanks man!

Have not seen you in awhile Wayne hope all is well sorry I cannot be of assistance with your question

Yes, thanks, all is great!

I could be wrong, but doesn't WA Hosting use Amazon AWS servers for hosting our websites? ~Jude

Yes WA does host on AWS! I want to move my current hosting to AWS so I'm looking into it. I've actually got it working already still mucking around with setup.

I would imagine Carson would be the go-to guy for questions on that topic.

~ Jude

Have not tried it yet--will wait to see the answers that come in.

I'll do a video at some point

Hi Wayne, I am looking at the same thing. Trying to decide whether to install my own wordpress or go for on of the pre-installed templates. Any advise based upon your own experience. I notice Bitnami do a template image with wordpress already pre-configured but not sure if any advantage in this approach in terms of getting updates and securing the installation. Any thoughts?

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How much should I charge for web design?

How much should I charge for web design?

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Authoring & Writing Content

Well it's starting to happen, I did my first Google Helpout today and he asked me how much I would charge?

I haven't offered web design and wordpress services before so I'

another string to your bow, sure you will do well as your training video's are easy to follow and good quality best of luck

Yes for sure

This is for all of you (not just you, Wayne) considering the ultimate question in the freelance route. I wrote some articles on my own project regarding the pricing of work. It's not so much about giving numbers but rather how to decide on what's fair:


Thanks! I know my rate for photography it's $250hr ;-)

You have an excellent site, Lorenzo - I'm still trying to take in all the information you present. Very well written and, of course, illustrated.
:) george

Considering the work (and the overhead) that goes into photography Wayne, that's definitely not overvalued at all! :)

Thank you George, I'll be covering the subject many times and its variations—the drawing part is fun, but editing is the real work sometimes!

I'm asking 790 € for website creation, basic content and hosting for 1 year. But this price can vary depending on the clients need.

Wayne ---web Design is not using a wordpress template---many get a way telling others it is---but ---it is not in my eyes---now, If I use word press templates ---I charge based on how many pages and the amount content i must do. Then if i need to maintain it.

If it will be a blog roll or not?
If they want it to rank or is it just a site that they will send people to.
There are many other things I find out from them --so--I can build a site that meets their needs.

If you want to talk more --PM

Coach Ed

yes I mean wordpress "webdesign"

An important thing to keep in mind, folks: the means of creating professional-like website design is much more accessible to people these days compared to even 10 years ago. Not just authoring software (like Wordpress, which is free) but also the means of learning it (video tutorials and support forums) While people are willing to pay someone to do it since they don't have time to learn, never assume that they aren't doing their homework on pricing. But—don't do it for free either!


I wanna know the final verdict! The prices vary so much in this area that I am having a difficult time deciding what to charge for teaching Italian.

That's the thing Tria—I don't believe in "standard" pricing when it comes to services like teaching or design. Because variation will always be there, it will be based on region, actual need and demand, many factors. The best way to decide is find out what your competition is charging combined with what you think truly is fair.

@Trialynn This is not for helpouts specifically. This is just for direct work with the client. My helpouts are FREE, I've gotten several calls already.

@Wayne Understood, I will rephrase that!

I charge in between $500 and $750 depending on the scope.


I read a blogger this morning who charges $500 for a 5 page website. That did not include writing the content. It was just for the design. If you will be adding the content, you'd definitely charge more.



Hi Wayne, though I've been out of that business for years now, I know one thing's changed: consider charging a flat rate and not per hour. Clients these days (individual or business) are wary of designers possibly "stretching out" billable hours. I would recommend no less than $250, but still base the final number on the magnitude of the site and most of all: what you think is fair for your time.

Darn good question Wayne ... I've been thinking about that as well!

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How to create a Google Shelfie

How to create a Google Shelfie

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Getting Started

As we all know selfies are very popular.

Google lets you customize your Gmail now with a selfie.

Yes, got an email all about it yesterday as well

I got an email about this yesterday. Selfies are a big thing now, I live in a resort town that sells a lot of t-shirts and selfies look to be the next big thing here.

Thanks for sharing, Wayne!
Appreciate all you do.

Thanks you Gen. Wallace--Sir. You are the Man for sure.!!!!

I have got to get some courage, or vanity or both, first- probably more courage truth be told, thanks for this, Wayne!

Thanks a lot, Wayne, although I'm not quite a selfie person, it could still be valuable at time we need it.. ;-)

Just ran across this and now I have a beautiful turtle in my background! Wish I could see him better though, swimming through azure waters, wish I could join him. need a re-breather instead of a scuba tank!

That concept is dated!
:) G!

I'm using a custom VEGAS theme in Gmail

Thats Google just trying to keeping up with the times.

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A New Amazon Advertising Platform

A New Amazon Advertising Platform

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Amazon.com Inc. plans a free, advertising-supported streaming television and music-video service, a departure from its strategy of offering video only to members of its $99-a-ye

Interesting...........I'm one of those "primes".


Thanks Wayne for the information, be a prime member I get videos from them now. I wonder how we can profit from sending people to their video site? Something to think about.

Yes, something to look into

We have not seen nothing yet---!!!!!

oh more resources to consider thank you

You're welcome

Awesome. I'm finally figuring out linking affiliates, etc. I actually thought about paying money for the premium. Very premature thought. Thank you #4.

Sure thing!

Thanks for the info. This could be interesting.


Thank you for the information, Wayne.

NO prob!

Interesting - thanks. Whatever the US gets tends to come to the UK a few months later...

Hope so

What will they think of next? LOL

Always setting the bar

they are after our digital souls too, along with Apple and Google, wait another year and they will be paying us...

yea and we are not far behind them ;-)

idem ditto!

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